July 05, 2016 | By Jiya Thomas

How to bind your employees with you for a long run

The empowered employees are the biggest asset for an organisation. Every organisation wants their potential employees to stick back with them in their whole journey. This is because, the company knows the fact that a strong team is the fountain stone of organisation.

So what constitutes a productive environment? The answer to this question, give the best strategy for retaining your employees for long. Every organisation has their own means to make their environment productive. The choice is left for the individual managements. The right choice could bring the healthiest space for your employees, also a flourishing business as an ad-ons.

These are some general tips to strengthen your office environment,

  • Ensure a Crystal clear communication with everyone.
  • Support ‘Yes/ and ‘ not a ‘Yes/ but’ environment : A collaborative work environment, where every employee is encouraged to share their views, or get listened by others and will get the feedback for the same.
  • Provides a safe environment to explore the individual talents.
  • Rewards and Encourage Team work.
  • Give the feedbacks immediately.
  • Make opportunities for your team to come together as a team, not just functionaries simply doing their assigned jobs only.

But when we shift our focus only to the IT industry, our main concern, which includes mainly the young and energetic bloods is that some tips may or may not be pertinent to their end. What they want actually from their work space will be special and bit different.

1. Just forget the old band of Micro managing.

Now no one wants a cross checking or interference in the work field as it kills their enthusiasm to do something by their own. Just let your employees to shape their goals their own, it will definitely add empowered and happier employees to your side, also profit to your business as a direct upshot.

2. The space for doing innovation

The stringent atmosphere may put off the eagerness and excitement to experiment creativity. It’s a fact that , your best brains will always be in search of fresh air to explore their selves to the maximum. So the company has to make sure that, our silly rules are not limiting them see the sights.

Hire the best for your company, whom you trust, they will be with you to craft your business more productive.

3. Building a factor of Trust

There are many ways to create a trust among your employees, it includes an atmosphere where employees are encouraged to speak up, recognition and rewards for the work they are doing and altogether give a feeling of own. Building a culture of trust is not an individual responsibility of mangers only, it’s something that has to develop by and with each employees.

 4. A factor of Transparency with wide open door sharing

Don’t wait for a common meeting to come to share the information with your employees. If the employee, felt a sense of ownership to the work he /she is doing, it itself is enough to make your couch healthier. No one can give the promise of transparency in everything, but the thing to be noted is that, a crystal clear communication is a must regarding the purpose, goals to ensure a productive platform to your employees.

5. Enrich the jobs to their choice

The organisation will get the maximum output from those employees who can make use of the opportunities given to them. So for Young talents, a productive environment constitutes a smart space for the individual growth.

Employees are the building blocks of every organisation, or a company is made by its human resources. The journey is get continuing with the efforts and contribution made by them. So the company has to show care and respect towards its employees. But actually it’s a mutual signing. The employees also have responsibilities towards the organisation. A healthier environment for work is very much possible if your attitude goes towards the saying ‘ Give Respect, take respect ‘.


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