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Awards & Recognitions

Be the best in whatever you do. That’s all it takes to make your presence felt. The host of awards and recognitions we have been receiving since the initial days are testimonies to what we have achieved. The way we have made our clients feel has always left a lasting impression about the finesse of our services.

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Webandcrafts goes Global

US Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker speaks about Webandcrafts at the opening ceremony of ICANN

"The Internet indeed improves quality of life for millions and enables people from all over the globe to achieve greater economic opportunity..



Small big BANG!

Stories of 30 diehard entrepreneurs, a recognition from IIMs

When graduates from all the IIMs in India join hands to narrate your story, nothing else can be more rewarding. When future entrepreneurs from the prestigious management institutes look upon us for inspiration and guidance, we know we are on the right track.

Small big BANG!

MAY 2013

Your Story

It is heartening to see the online community celebrating our success through various forums. YOURSTORY.IN - India's No.1 media platform for entrepreneurs was one of the early birds to identify the phenomenal success achieved by Webandcrafts and tell the story to the world.


MAY 2013

The entrepreneur who's creating waves in web technology

It is highly encouraging when someone as BIG as REDIFF comes forward to acknowledge the success story of Webandcrafts. Feeling honoured to have reached the global audience within a brief period of commencement of operations.


Asianet News - Money Time

A overwhelming experience under ASIANET NEWS a internationally acclaimed malayalam news channel coveting a healthy coverage of our initials days as startups.

the art of web and craft

DEC 2013

Global Student, Malaysia

When the brains behind GLOBAL STUDENT - a renowned magazine published from Malaysia met Webandcrafts, they knew within themselves that a script for one of their upcoming editions is getting unfolded. By then, we knew that the international community is watching us.


India Express

Webandcrafts turns one

The reputed national daily of India - THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, added charm to our glory by exclusively publishing an article on the growth of Webandcrafts on the occasion of our first anniversary celebrations.



Deccan Chronicle

A trailblazer for student start-ups

DECCAN CHRONICLE, the national daily which is admired for its true journalistic values has been passionately tracking our journey with great enthusiasm. The support and encouragement from media has helped reinforce our credibility further.