June 27, 2015 | By Neena Varghese

Catch up with the pace in Web Designing

No matter how much technology has improved, it would be disappointing if the same growth is not reflected in the creative side of the story. Technology is significant, but it shouldn’t overshine the idea. A design is actually a means of creating an artistic impression about your product or services on internet. So spotting and applying the current trends to your design work is very essential for adding more potential clients to your list.

Let’s go with the pace of this generation to engrave new standards in designing. Here I’m about to discuss the new techs and trends in visual aesthetics.

Flat Design- Just another passing trend?

The name Flat Design is originated from the shapes used in this design method that are simply flat and applies a specific two dimensional approach. In this technique nothing is added to the elements to make them realistic. Flat design is trending right now by giving a unique ambiance and appearance without embellishment. Simple design is one of its pretty distinct characteristics. Elements used in this design are simple and easy to click or Tap. So communication becomes uncomplicated. Typography is highly significant since the design and design elements are simple. Flat designs are much brighter compared to other sites.


 We don’t know whether it’s a lasting trend or a passing fad. Anyway the designing community just can’t stop talking about it and most designers tried this trend in some of their works.

Full Screen Background Images & Videos

Captivating the minds of website visitors is vital for the success of your business. Full screen image or video will play a major part in the design lexicon to add an attractive quotient. The latest technologies and techniques allow a smoother and easier loading of full screen background and videos. It is the best way to capture the attention of visitors and create an immersive experience. While a user land on the homepage, full screen background and image definitely gives a high impact. But the designer should ensure the relevance of the video in that website before using it in a site.

Parallax Scrolling Sites

Parallax scrolling is yet another emerging trend in web designing. By definition, Parallax is the angle formed between two different lines of sight of an object’s apparent positions. In many websites parallax scrolling is used to bring the illusion of a 3-Dimensional effect. This approach enables background image move slower than the foreground image and mouse movement or page scrolling is used to animate elements or properties of the page. Parallax scrolling is really exciting and the reaction you get in the time of scrolling will make you feel like you are a part of that website.

Grid Layout

Grid design develops a user experience that is great for tangible product based websites. Such websites have a well structured layout which creates a user-friendly navigation.  This method of designing is also known as Modular design. One of its important features is that it is responsive-friendly and visually appealing on any screen size. It is not completely a fresh design method, but the launch of responsive web design has made it even more popular. Modular design can make wonders for websites if they are meant to be responsive.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are becoming another successful trend in web design. These are transparent buttons with basic shapes, very thin outline and texts in sans-serif font. They are transparent like phantoms but immediately grab user’s attention and that is why it got that name. Ghost buttons are considerably larger than traditional buttons and if they are arranged with a be-fitting background colour, it will become the prime focus of that page.


One Page Web Design

Another newest and hottest trend in web design is to create a one-page website. It is really helpful for small business since in traditional way they have to fill ten pages with content. In such websites if there is no useful content in each page, viewers will think that they are lacking business or not very competent. This is where one page design can really shine. Moreover the ‘simplicity ‘factor makes this design approach more successful.

Split Screens

The split screen through vertical divide is yet another trend in web design where the page is divided vertically into two halves and uses contrasting colours. There are different reasons for applying this design method. The first is that the design has to display two principal features with the same significance. Second thing is that the design has to communicate a vital duality. For example if one organization want to convey the fact that proficiency and knowledge are their core strength, split screen is the suitable way to present.

Modern web is a thrilling environment to work with due to the use of a large variety of layouts. We must go through wide range of possibilities when we think about web design. By reviewing the current fads in web design you can evaluate why they’re successful and try to bring their value in your own work. Follow these trends, think beyond limitations, and try to develop your own signature in the field of web design. Web design is a long journey and there’s always more to learn.

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