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We always strive to make a positive difference in everything. If that’s important to you; Webandcrafts would be a good fit

Current Openings

Become part of a high-performing & collaborative team

Business Analyst
4+ Years of experience
Business Development Manager
6+ Years of experience

Data Engineer
4+ Years of experience
Data Scientist
4+ Years of experience

4+ Years of experience
Brand Designer
3+ Years of experience
Graphic Designer
4+ Years of experience
Product Designer
4+ Years of experience
UI/UX Designer
4+ Years of experience
2+ Years of experience

Content Writer
4+ Years of experience
Digital Marketing Associate
2+ Years of experience
Google Ads Experts
4+ Years of experience
Marketing Executive
4+ Years of experience
Performance Marketing Strategist
4+ Years of experience
SEO Analyst
4+ Years of experience
Social Media Marketing Executive
4+ Years of experience

The Values We Live By

We make it a priority to keep our values up-front, anywhere and everywhere.



Our vision is to grow together as an organisation while working towards achieving individual and professional goals.



Our people are the driving force behind all our achievements, and we make it a point to give it back to them.



We value life and its intricate balance, hence ensuring all our people are well balanced in both their professional and personal roles.

Life @ WAC

A place where you can realise your full potential, nurture your dreams, and follow your passion! All of that with a daily dose of fun and laughter

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Perks & Benefits

We make our employees' well-being our priority, by providing only the best

Growth opportunities.svg

Growth Opportunities

Keeping our employees growing and prospering is our goal at Webandcrafts, as we believe learning never stops and there is always an opportunity to better ourselves.
Competitive remuneration.svg

Competitive Remuneration

We recognise the value of our employees' contributions and are committed to rewarding them accordingly, ensuring their continued growth and satisfaction within our organisation.
Eco-friendly workplace.svg

Eco-friendly Workplace

Being surrounded by beautiful trees and nature enhances employees' mental wellbeing and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint in a green environment.
An Instagram-worthy fun work environment.svg

An Instagram-worthy Fun Work Environment

Our office space is designed in such a way that it will be a sure-fire Instagram hit on any given day, and our employees can absorb all that positive energy into their productivity.
Health insurance and wellness packages.svg

Health Insurance and Wellness Packages

The health of our employees is of the utmost importance, and we ensure that they receive the best medical care in the event of an emergency and for their general well-being.
Talent Nurturing Community.svg

Talent Nurturing Community

In addition to helping our employees set career goals, we also uncover and develop other hidden talents, giving them the courage to venture out, try new things, and make a difference in the world.

The Heart of Our Success

An insight into the vibrant experiences not only contributes to our success but also highlights the core values of our supportive environment. Delve into the heartfelt words of our employees and explore what makes our workplace truly exceptional.



Our clients are everything to us; so are we to them.

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You Will Like It Here!

At WAC, we are all about creating a habitat that lets you grow stronger roots and larger branches. Together let’s make a fruitful journey!

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You Will Like It Here!

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