Web Development

Wordpress with ReactJS

April 01, 2019 | By Webandcrafts

Pros and Cons of using Wordpress with ReactJS

While handling Wordpress with ReactJS, you may encounter certain easiness and difficulties. Looking at the substantial sections of the pros and cons of clubbing these elements, hither we start with the basics. Here we go! It was in the year of 201...

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Software Development Methodologies

March 17, 2019 | By Webandcrafts

13 Software Development Methodologies: Definition, Pros, Cons

The process of development entails diverse methodologies, some of these methods do not manifest any technical features instead deal with specific aspects like structure, syntax and timely implementation and delivery of the project. Let us move forward...

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Angular vs React

February 04, 2019 | By Webandcrafts

The Future of Front-End, Comparing Angular VS React

Making a choice on the optimum JavaScript framework for the front-end development process seems to be blurring when we have competent options like Angular and React and when we have to choose between Angular vs React. In prior to fixing the structure,...

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