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How crucial Google Ads can be for your business growth?

Google Ads launched in 2000 during the initial phase of google as a company only had just 350 advertisers. Today more than 1 million advertisers make use of Google Ads to increase their revenue since the benefits of Google Ads are very high. In 2000, 20 million searches per day were done using the Google search engine. At present, Google handles almost 5.4 billion daily searches. According to Search Engine Land, it is believed that Google now handles nearly two trillion searches per year. With this vast user base, Google at present is one of the four big technology companies in the world alongside Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. 

Each time a user searches for a product or service, several competitors are competing to get their service listed on top of the Google Ad list. In today’s digital world, every business needs to have its service listed on the Google Ads list to compete with others.

Before jumping onto the benefits of Google Ads, let’s figure out what Google Ads is and how it works.


What is Google Ads?

In simple terms, Google Ads is an online advertising service that was developed by Google and launched in the year 2000. Google Ads makes the life of marketers easy by helping their service reach customers quickly. When a person searches for a keyword in Google, within seconds, Google will display several search results. If you look carefully, you can see some Ads being listed on top of these search results. With Google having more than 1 trillion searches per year, the probability of a person clicking on your Ad is very high. For your service to rank higher on the organic result to drive traffic to your site, your page needs to be SEO optimized, which is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience. On the other hand, Google Ads works pretty quickly when compared with the SEO process. But it doesn’t mean that your page shouldn’t be SEO optimized.
To learn more about different SEO strategies to rank your website’s higher visit:  Free SEO Tools(2019 Updated).

Google Ads Example


How Google Ads Rank your Ads

Google Ads quality score

Google Ads rank your Ads based on Quality Score and maximum cost-per-click bid. You need to pay each time when a user clicks your ad. If anyone clicks your ad, that click won’t cost you more than the maximum cost-per-click bid (CPC). If you set the maximum CPC at $1, then you need not have to pay more than $1 for a click. Higher bid helps to rank your Ad much higher. Quality Score also helps in ranking your Ad much higher. Google’s Quality score is used to determine the quality of your Ad. The quality score is directly proportional to your PPC. By optimizing the quality score, you can lower your CPC. The high-quality score helps Google to understand that your Ads and keywords are the best options for a customer looking for a particular service or product.
To know more about CPC visit: Maximum CPC bid.

Several factors determine the quality score. Few of them are:

1. Click-through rate(CTR) of the Ad.
2. Engagement and Ad relevancy.
3. Landing page quality.
4. Keywords used and historical Ads account performance.

Google Ads quality score

Benefits of Google Ads

There are several benefits of Google Ads, which makes it crucial for your business in this digital world.

1. Works Quickly than SEO- SEO helps to rank your page higher in the Google search results. But it is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience. Properly optimized Google Ads campaign helps to drive traffic to your page or website instantly compared to SEO. But it doesn’t mean SEO strategies are not needed at all. Organic traffic will surely have a positive impact on your business in the long run.

2. Performance analysis is possible – By giving an ad in newspapers or Billboards, it is not possible to analyze the performance or impact of that advertisement on the people. You can understand its impact only if any customer approaches you. On the other hand, Google Ads will give you an accurate report of how your ad is performing such as, clicks on your ad, number of leads generated, traffic from Ads, the keyword that made the most traffic and so on.

3. Help increase brand awareness – Billboards advertisements were the main strategy used by many competitors earlier to advertise their product. Google Ads has now revolutionized the way businesses advertise. Businesses can now advertise their services to the people when they are searching for a particular keyword that matches their product or service. In short Google Ads allows targeted advertising which helps to improve brand awareness among the desired category of people.

4. Remarketing made possible – The majority of the people who visit a website might have visited it for some research purposes. There are chances that they might have left your website without making any purchase. But much to your help, the remarketing list can be made to target such people. Similarly, a suppression list can also be made to target new leads and not run ads for those who are converted.

5. Target outranking- It is a bidding strategy to outrank ads of your competitors. It helps to rank higher than your competitor’s ad. Each bid strategy can only be used to outrank one domain. To know more about target outranking visit: Target Outranking.

6. Scheduling Time and Day of the Ad – It is possible to schedule your ad for a specific time. By running your ad for some period will help you track the time where the ad is eating into your money a lot. By removing the advertisement for that particular time, you can save a lot of money and can then use your Ads more effectively.

The benefits of Google Ads are not limited to any of these points. Google is working hard to offer the best experience to its customers. Keeping all these benefits of Google Ads in mind, it is not wise for any business to not invest in Google Ads to stay on top of its competitors. The number of searches Google will be handling will keep on increasing each day. By making use of Google Ads to drive some of those traffic to your website will do a lot of good for your business. By integrating PPC and SEO strategies, you can rank high above your competitors in this online world.


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