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August 02, 2019 | By Webandcrafts

Increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce website with these 13 simple tips

The logical process of generating business through an e-commerce website goes in a clockwise direction; the customer visits the site, adds the desired products to the cart, and then proceed to the payment procedures. It seems to be a conventional method. But do you think that this theoretical procedure always happens with every client? Of course not, right? But the truth is every business owner dreams for getting those conversions whenever a person enters the site.

One of the main hindrances for achieving this goal is the presence of a myth. It is nothing but, we assume that everyone who is getting to your site is willing to make the purchase and so we need not do anything after they enter it. We already said that it is a myth, so let it remain as a myth! Although you may have a misconception that it is impossible to increase your site’s conversion rate because of the presence of established giant sharks in the industry. But the good news is that, if you have a high impact conversion rate strategy, you can expect the above-mentioned logical process in your site. 


E-Commerce Website Statistics

Before going to the deeper insights of the conversion rate, let’s go with the 2019 updated statistics of these shopping sites to get a better perception. (According to Statista)

  • India is the country with the highest retail e-commerce CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate).
  • 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online
  • 79% of consumers said that free shipping would make them more likely to shop online. 
  • 54% of consumers under the age of 25 said that same-day shipping is their number one purchase driver. 
  • Only 15% of consumers said that online retailers always offer shipping options that meet their expectations for speed of delivery
  • 83% of online shoppers expect regular communication about their purchases. 
  • 53% of online shoppers won’t purchase a product if they don’t know when it will arrive. 


  1. 1. Product images

While searching for products, the first thing that catches your eye is the appearance of the product. The buyers’ always want to see what they are purchasing. Even before fixing your e-commerce website’s structure, keep in mind to display images of different dimensions of the products that you sell. Also, make it zoomable. A compromise on the quality of images will affect the sales. Here are certain things to consider before showing the pictures:

  • Let the viewers zoom, rotate, and scale the images as they wish.
  • Use light-colored background
  • Use pictures from all possible angles and dimensions


  1. 2. Product Videos

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While purchasing the product online, everyone will be curious about how the product will look like in the real world. Even with the wardrobe collection or any tools or machinery, they need to get the clarification. Showcasing the product videos seems to be the best solution to explain the details.

Again, you should upload the HD videos; otherwise, this plan might backfire!


  1. 3. Take care of the cart

The number of people who are visiting the site will be considerably high, but the people who proceed to the final step is relatively low.

Almost 70percent of the carts are abandoned, and it may be either because the user may find the product in some other sites with more discounts or else maybe because of the shopping complications. Whatever be the reason, it adversely affects your conversion rate. 

Taking care of the customers’ carts is the best solution for this disaster. Many renowned brands are using the cart recovery mail system to communicate with the customer that their cart is abandoned. Usually, it will be sent within the first 30 minutes of cart abandonment. By this method, they are recovering the sales they may lose forever.

In case, if you don’t get the response, sent the follow-up mail with relevant pictures of items in the cart and if possible, sent the related products as well. By this method, you are reminding the customers, and they will get a feeling that you are taking care of them. It is recorded that 26percent increase in conversion rate happens with this simple technique. 
Why can’t you do it in your e-commerce website? You don’t need to perform this task manually, but an automatic mail controlling system in the site will perform it. All you need to do is incorporating a system on your site and just relax. Our web development team can easily cope up your requirements with their expertise in these applications.


  1. 4. Quality of CTA Button

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Did you ever get annoyed in any e-commerce website while shopping just because of the improper positioning of the CTA button? If yes, you may already say goodbye to that site forever! Nobody wants to lose their valuable time while purchasing. If they don’t get a way to continue to the next step, automatically they switch to another website. 

Making a change in the design and color of your CTA button can cause visible changes in your sales. 

Make the website design and layout simple & user-friendly, where the essential features should be arranged systematically. Providing smooth navigation through the site makes a comfort feeling within the customers, and it automatically reflects in the conversion rate.

If you are interested to see a bang in your website design, our skilled designers will assist you with your demands. 


  1. 5. Build trustworthiness 

Building loyalty among the customers is not simple in the case of an emerging e-commerce website that doesn’t have a high reputation in comparison with larger brands. How can we achieve it at the earliest?  One of the possible methods is showcasing your contact information so that the users can contact you to clarify the doubts. It builds credibility in the user’s mind without much effort and automatically converts to sales.

Also, make it simple to contact you via chatbot or a design layout. The more customers get the opportunity to get in touch with you, the more they will trust you. 

In the case of return policies, make it more feasible. Make the refund transaction at the very moment when they return the product. Creating a complicated procedure for the refunding will repel the customer.  


  1. 6. Don’t underestimate product reviews

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Latest technologies make it easier for people to compare shops and products. According to a survey of GE Capital Retail Bank, more than 61 percent of people read the product reviews before they shop. That means the positive product reviews can create a massive crowd of customers and vice versa. Even product review guides are now available to help the customers. In the case of negative reviews, you don’t need to get worried, and never delete it. In fact, some negative reviews in the midst of positive reviews show that the reviews are not fake. It improves the trust factor and increases sales.  

 Always show your product reviews and even at the stage of design and development of a website, you should consider it. You can either use the built-in plugins or else use the free widgets.

What will happen when your products are good, but those who bought doesn’t put any positive reviews. It won’t make a good impression, right? You should remind your customers to put the genuine reviews; it will improve the star count and obviously improves the conversion rate.


  1. 7. Product description

The customer makes the final decision by reading the product description. What will happen, when your product’s images and videos are of high resolution, but you failed to upload the description? Of course, it will end up in a disaster. A product description provides the value and information about the product and helps the customer to make the decision. 

It should include all the essential data and take care of the way you are presenting. In between the information stuffing, never forget to make it interactive. If your content goes lengthy, don’t get upset. Remain as it is because descriptive contents drive more genuine customers.

 Also, you should provide a sharp summary for the window customers with the essential data only. In the next level, including the advantages and the detailed features of the product. If you are using the bullets to narrate the points, it will be an added advantage.

In the case, if you are trading the product from a manufacturer, never copy their description to your site. It will degrade the site in terms of SEO, and it badly affects your rankings on the search engines.


  1. 8. Guest Checkouts

How will you feel when you get into a shopping website and don’t get access to any products because of the reason that you don’t have an account? You will get irritated at the moment and won’t come back to the site again. It is similar in the case of everyone, and if you are following this system, you are losing a wide range of customers. 

People usually won’t take much effort to create accounts if they want to purchase some gifts or small stuff. At that time, if you force them to make an account, he will bounce. So allow guest checkouts and give them freedom. 

In the case of the register form, give plenty of options for them to create an account. Also, with each gateway, provide beneficiary points and loyalty membership options. If you treat your customers well, they will stick with the same platform.


  1. 9. Multiple payment options

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Nowadays, we have plenty of payment options, and people love to use it if it is secure and simple. At the beginning of net banking, you were asked to submit a ton of details, but now, the procedure is more straightforward than before. In an e-commerce website, you should provide the possible payment gateways and if possible, provide the cash on delivery option too. If you stick with a particular method, it will not be convenient for your customers and tends to the conversion rate drop. Why should we make it less convenient for our customers?


  1. 10. Delivery options

 In the case of delivery options, people prefer free delivery for no doubt. But in many cases, you won’t be able to provide that, but you can do a favor of delivering the product at the earliest. It doesn’t mean that the customer should wait for a long time since it is free shipping.

In short, just because of delivery and payment options, never lose the customers and sales.


  1. 11. Simple yet powerful design

One of the major faults that happen with e-commerce websites is the presence of overloaded features. It misleads the customers, and they will get out of the site at the earliest. Simple yet powerful design plays the most important success factor of any website. The visitor navigates through your website to get the desired product. At that time if they are misled to the wrong pages with the pop-ups and other blinking links, you are losing a customer. Make the pages simple and clear with the essential features only.

 A congested page is a crucial conversion rate obstacle, and you have to address it with a minimum, pleasant, and memorable interaction interface.

While filling any column or form, show real-time errors. It will reduce the burden of refilling the form — no one likes to refill the columns.  

All these features should be noted in the initial stages of design and development. 


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  1. 12. Provide offers and discounts

Who else don’t like the promo codes and discount offers while purchasing. Why can’t you start discount campaigns and promo coupons to attract more customers? The transactions that occur during the discount sales will be more times higher than you expect, especially during the holidays! How is it possible? It happens because of the following reasons:

  • It hikes the customer happiness
  • Increases the number of loyal customers
  • Promotes new customers
  • Almost all visitors will get converted to the customers
  • Promotes new products
  • Makes a push on the low selling products

conversion rate

For even more better conversion rate, make the discount coupons expire under a limited period. It creates urgency, and sales reach multiple times. It will make free publicity among the customer circle and boost your brand value. Some of the commonly used promo codes include

  • First purchase discount
  • cash for credit
  • Buy two get one free
  • Bulk purchase discount
  • Celebrating the joy of sales
  • Get a 10% instant discount
  • Cool deals

If you are trickily using these tactics, you can strategically obtain new clients and can build better relationships with the existing consumers. It increases total sales with offers that buyers cannot resist!


  1. 13. Optimized and Mobile friendly website

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A completely optimized website means a lot in online business. Even in terms of search traffic, you can expect a great advantage. But how can we categorize a website to optimized and non-optimized? In an optimized website, all the pages will have relevant metadata, and all the images will have proper alt tags. The website content will be accurate, and the user doesn’t need to wander around to get the desired information.

On the other hand, a non-optimized site looks like a ghost house without proper maintenance. Data will look like clusters without a peculiar layout. It is up to you to make the website as promising as it should be. 

A mobile-friendly website is a must or the success of an e-commerce business since most people are surfing sites using mobile phones. So it is inevitable to make your website mobile-friendly at the earliest. 

Increase in conversion rate acquires more customers in a shorter period of time. By considering all the above tactics from the beginning of your website and app development, you can achieve the goal earlier than you imagine. 

If you think that it is the time to build an e-commerce website that converts, then you can contact the Webandcrafts Team to see the magic.






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