CASE STUDYCorporate Website

BGD is a professional services firm providing accounting, audit, tax and advisory services to private enterprises, public companies and high net-worth individuals. BGD collaborated with Webandcrafts for a complete revamp of their existing website, the main digital asset of the organization - to bring in new business and secure an edge over the competition.




A web site is like a giant public bulletin board where people can get information on how to find you, where you are located, what you have to offer, why your service is unique, and what's new in your company.


Partnering with BGD has been strategic in every way: from the complete redesign of the website, to leveraging Webandcraft’s expertise in SEO, and now to the full integration of a mobile responsive website.


A website with style and substance incorporating some key usability elements like consistent layout, responsive design, unique typography, minimal scroll and intuitive navigation.

  • Basic concept outline
  • Rough wireframe
  • Detailed wireframe
  • Final Layout

Design elements


R 255
G 132
B 0


R 255
G 255
B 255



R 0
G 0
B 0

Rectilinear design elements

Custom icons

Design theme


Makes use of contextual imagery and follows the rectilinear design theme of the website while displaying the information as well.


Repetition is the key here. A well known color palette used in the marketing and sales collateral of BGD that reflects BGD brand values of being open, flexible, empowering, approachable and helpful.

  • Pointers section

  • Scalable vector graphics

  • Bold and standout

  • Well balanced

Hues, tones and
colors impart a sense
of reliability, success and urgency.

Various nodes of the company is displayed in a stylized pattern adhering to the design language followed throughout the website.


RWD (Responsive Website Design) and AWD (Adaptive Website Design) strategies to effectively address the issues in rendering the website in mobile devices.

  • Responsive

  • Fully CMS


What weDelivered

A cross-platformFlawless Experience

When we decided to revamp BGD's website, we knew it wouldn't be an easy project. It took us a long time to find a company with the right portfolio and quality of work to lead the development of the website - but we are glad we came across Web&Crafts. Our project required a lot of customization, as we wanted to implement special features very particular to our business. We were also looking for a well-designed and completely responsive website, as many of our visitors rely on mobile devices to access our information. Our experience with Web&Crafts was beyond positive. The team assigned to the project made sure to listen closely to our insights and have them all incorporated into the project. The design proposed was approved without any changes and the development process went very smoothly. They went an extra mile to ensure we were satisfied with the final product and would promptly help us when needed. My Partners and I are quite happy with the result. More than just a well-designed template, the website represents an important step towards our online marketing goals, specially in regards to SEO, and general branding as well.

Managing Director
BGD Group Canada