Otobots is the name that comes to you for all your auto repair and service needs! Otobots is a US-based service network which connects car owners with expert mechanics. Otobots’ service comes to your home or office, at your desired time, at a predetermined price, and with an experienced and certified mechanic. This way, your car gets fixed or repaired while you continue with your other tasks.

Otobots is one of the flagship products that Webandcrafts has proudly delivered recently. From design concept to development and deployment, it is an end-to-end solution that we have provided Otobots with.

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Auto Repair Services on the Go!

With Otobots mobile app available in both iOS and Android platforms, auto repair and services have become easy and convenient.


UI Quality
Quick Install &
Fast Response
What makes Otobots Unique?
  • Seamless integration of multiple solutions offered by different vendors
  • Uniqueness in concept and design
  • Minimal pages and maximum features
  • Easy and user-friendly navigation

Buying medicines was never this easy. Ezeedose is an online medicine provider with a huge repository of medicines and related products. Users can simply upload their medicine prescriptions which will then be processed by Ezeedose professionals. Ezeedose has got its cool and elegant looks at the hands of quality designers at Webandcrafts. The freshness in design when coupled with professional coding gives the best user experience to Ezeedose users.

Innovative Concept,
Awesome User Experience

With its elegant design and trendy cool colours, Ezeedose continues to attract more and more online visitors. With the novel concept of making medicine purchases online possible, Ezeedose is poised to become the pharmacy of the future.


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Get to experience how an astounding mobile app makes you feel. Ezeedose is simple, easy to use and navigate, and all the more appealing to eyes.

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