The true purpose of Dtale Modern is to create a space that exceeds your expectations or fulfills your wildest aspirations. The first quality of this incredibly brilliant decor brand that immediately stood out to us was their attention to detail. The creatives were ready to unveil the master plan and special edition listing to showcase the furniture lines. Our main goal when managing their social media handles was to sew the ideal backgrounds that highlighted their artistic finesse and effectively communicate their business value through the appropriate depiction


Today, Popees Baby Care is a well-known and dependable brand for baby clothes, maternity necessities, and kid's wear. We take delight in developing the brand's online persona on social media platforms and highlighting their flawless, practically sound designer clothing that is catered to every taste and preference. We ideated a page that showed off their incredible versatility and wide range of styles, fabrics, and vibrancy. It’s so warming to witness that our brand imaging efforts worked wonders for them!

VKC Pride

VKC Pride, having set its main product line in the footwear market since its inception in 1984, is a pioneer in the footwear business. Setting the course from Kerala, the company is now sailing all over the Indian market without bounds. When presented with an opportunity to create compelling content for the social media pages of VKC Pride, we were excited. Ever since we’ve been successful in coming up with creative concepts and engaging contents which aligned well with their business and purpose.


Manappuram needs no introduction since the company is very well accomplished and is one among India's leading non-banking financial company providers. We were entrusted with building social media contents and strategies, and we came up with satisfying content to address the loan seekers. We focused on implementing conversion campaigns to get leads from the customers, which we have done up to the mark.


A leading name in kids fashion clothing, with strong roots both in the Middle East and India, Kair gives more emphasis to quality and design in clothing. By coming forth with attractive social media content, we were successful in creating more brand visibility on social media platforms. Unique and engaging content was what we came up with. Our astonishing content adds more to the tagline of Kair- Made with care.


The name ‘Asianet’ needs no introduction to Keralites. Asianet Radio is the only 24 hour Malayalam radio channel available across the Middle East. Social media can be a powerful tool for radio stations to proactively increase listenership and fan base numbers by using it as a part of content marketing strategy. Based on our experience in the field, Star Group entrusted us with their seedling idea. Webandcrafts connected Asianet Radio with thousands of new fans, and has helped them massively increase listenership. How we did it? As the cliché goes, content is the king.


Zawara -Designer Clothing Store is passionate about elegant design and fashion. We put together the best approaches and presented them in the most elegant ways to resemble their brand at a single glance. We focus on data-driven marketing strategies to address the fashion seekers. We showcase their products in front of the ideal audience, so they become aware of the brand to bring a substantial increase in the overall sales.


LSI, one of the cost-effective and reliable transportation services, offers comprehensive logistic services. By handling the social media networks, we helped them to build better visibility and interactivity on social platforms. By strategizing funny and winning contents, we increased their page followers, comments, and overall engagements.


ICMS is an institute offering career oriented UG courses. A cohesive online presence was inevitable for them as every year more students are using digital information to make their college admission decisions. With our help, ICMS fully integrated social media into its marketing strategy as a powerful tool for communicating with their key audience.


Orient Financial Brokers is a stock broking firm based in Dubai offering customer friendly online trading platform for traders. It’s not quite common but not rare to imagine a stock broker getting to grips with social media. From a small initial social media marketing investment, it’s estimated the overall results achieved would have cost more than double the cost through traditional media.


Rajagiri Hospital is one of the multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals in the south Indian city of Kochi. Awareness about various departments and treatment options provided was their most priority on social media. We accomplished this by strategizing each post in a way that it highlighted their department and their activities.


Ephphatha is a group of clinics providing treatment for people with speech & hearing disorders. Webandcrafts worked with Ephphatha to help build the profile of their clinic and attract new patients. We have developed a three month social media marketing strategy to encourage people to be proactive in making decisions about their own health by educating them about the various services offered at Ephphatha. The campaign was a success! Facebook posts reached approximately 60,000 people and their fan base grew to 6500 in 3 months.


The UAE based Vinverth, a leading brand that deals in consumer electronics and home appliances approached us to maximize the sales of their multi-functional Flamber LED bulbs. The marketing strategies we have employed on social media platforms truly succeeded in boosting product sales, increasing their brand’s visibility, and building brand loyalty.


Megamind is a unique stress relief center in Bangalore, offering highly intuitive mental techniques that help to relax and unwind once true potential. With our unique social media engagement strategy which highlighted and revealed the true capability of Megamind, we helped many to rediscover themselves.


Neuropedia, a well known pediatric neurologist, who became a hand of relief to thousands of infants, wanted their services to reach every needed one. With this clear vision in mind, we formulated a campaign by incorporating the general informative contents regarding neurology which helped the audience to recognize the relevance of proper diagnosis with Neuropedia.


Pulmoll is one of the most successful tinned lozenge brands in German market. For Pulmoll Middle East we have embarked on a fun social media marketing strategy inspiring imagination with the Pulmoll pastilles, with a variety of engaging gifs and images that helped promote product awareness in the newly-entered expansion market.


With Britelite we had a unique challenge of finding an infinite number of ways to feature a single product so that their social media posts stays fresh and interesting. The page is on-brand and clearly displays the utility of the product they are selling – rechargeable flashlights. We have cross-promoted posts to other channels which greatly improved the chances of being seen.

Genesis Diamonds

For Genesis Diamonds, collaboration with Webandcrafts was an unprecedented advertising opportunity that cuts out traditional advertising middlemen and connects their jewelry business directly with clients and perhaps even more importantly, their potential future clients. Our social media engagement tactics to boost shares and conversions proved extremely useful for Genesis.


RIFE USA is a special needs center in Dubai providing treatments for ASD and related disorders. RIFE wanted to generate interest in its service offerings among Autism community networks, but do it in a way that is memorable, and not preachy or intrusive, and creates the need for appropriate interventions and supports. A good plan, well executed.

SA Engineering College

Given its propensity for youth-oriented and trendy marketing, it was no surprise that SA Engineering College has acquired a social media presence that any other educational institution would envy. Through an active and phenomenal presence on social media, we have not only kept their spectators posted, but had also garnered thousands of applications from prospective students.

Shalom World

As a Catholic charismatic media ministry, Shalom World’s mission is to effectively spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, using all modern means of mass communication. With Facebook, this aspect of reaching the world has become a very definite and very effective practical tool. The page has already clocked in around 300K followers with the number growing at a fast rate.

Bonne Maniere

Bonne Maniere, one of Qatar’s leading food and beverage, catering and retail operator hired us to help them create a transparent and friendly persona online. Vibrant imagery with a clean and modern aesthetic is used across all marketing materials. It helped the brand to become more than just a place to eat food, enabling guests to relate to the business outside mealtime.