August 17, 2016 | By Jilu Joseph

10 Job Skills 2020 Demands

The world around us, especially the working environment and conditions are changing rapidly. With the emergence of new technology and innovations the demand for a new set of skills emerged.

Another five years down the line, employers would need you to have different skill set to excel in your work. The future of jobs is based on your ability to acquire these 10 skills.

1. Complex problem solving

The ability to solve complex problems is considered, as the top skill employers would seek. Even with more data available in hand, employees should have the basic ability to solve complex problems and to make right decisions.

Studies say that 36% of jobs across all industries requires complex problem solving skill as their core competency by 2020.

2. Critical thinking

One of the inevitable skills an employee should have in work place is the ability to think critically. It refers to the evaluation and objective analysis of an issue in order to form a judgment.

blog_critical thinking

3. Creativity

Every organisation focuses on being unique and it needs creative people to innovate and come up with new products and services. Creativity is a skill, which will be in high demand in the coming years. Employers will look for more creative people for work.

4. People management

People management skill is more expected from managers to motivate, inspire and develop the human resources in an organisation. Human resources are the ultimate assets of every firm. In order to be successful, right set of people with the right ability at the right time should be placed.

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5. Co-ordinating with others in the work place

Building synergy by adjusting with others is another important aspect of a successful working environment. Improved social relationships and the ability to co-ordinate with others positively add to one’s ability to work effectively.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Understanding others is a necessity in every work environment. Emotional Intelligence means the capacity to be aware of one’s emotions. It also helps in controlling and expressing emotions judiciously and empathetically. Emotional Intelligence improves interpersonal relationships and it leads to personal and professional success.

7. Judgment & Decision making


For a successful business, right decisions should be made at the right time. Judgment and Decision making skills are very much needed in an organisation to analyse the available data and to interpret its cause to take the best decision.

8. Service orientation

This social skill is very much needed for work as it brings more effectiveness and productivity to the business. Service orientation is referred as the desire and ability to anticipate, recognise and meet other’s needs. People who are service oriented focus on making themselves available to others.

9. Negotiation

Every discussion reaches an agreement when the parties involved have a healthy negotiation. Developing the skill of negotiation is vital for successful business. Studies say that by 2020, negotiation skills will be in high demand in mathematical and computer related jobs, especially for software developers and data analysts.


10. Cognitive Flexibility

By 2020, a wide range of jobs will require the skill of Cognitive flexibility as it includes logical reasoning, creativity, problem sensitivity etc. Having the ability of cognitive flexibility helps in following cognitive processing strategies to overcome new and unexpected situations in work environment.

Hope this helps to get a sense of what skills you should have in order to be successful in industry. Watch out for these skills by 2020 and start investing your time into developing these skills.

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