August 08, 2016 | By WAC Creatives

All the design Inspirations You need

One of the main duties of web/graphic designers is to keep up with the newest trends. Here is one of the ultimate tools, which will inspire you every day like a parent source for the graphic designers. Every digital designer on the planet should know about Muzli.




Muzli is a new chrome extension, which professionally organises content as well as collects the most inspirational design websites, blogs, resources and links on a daily basis. Most of them are behind to build up new ideas in their professional areas. Muzli is founded by Eyal Zuri and Ohad Aviv. It brings you a great platform for fresh content for creativity and to increase your professional growth.

Uses of Muzli extension

Muzli is useful in many ways. From the designer’s view, it helps in keeping up with fresh and finest design with more information and creativity. This makes the designs more attractive, inspirational and informative.

The extension is available in safari also. It is a free extension to add in your browser.

The thought behind Muzli is simple – Why not bring the latest design sites to the individual desktop for getting recent patterns? The presentation would need to be striking that probably introduced as a traditional home page.




We simply cannot imagine not being informed and up to date with the current designing area. With the trending aspects you can exhibit the designs in Muzli, it is in the form of Google chrome extension, which opens in new tab. Muzli brings a high quality feed that always updates within the design sphere.

Curated designs are drawn from Dribbble, Awwwards, Tuts#, CSS Winner and Behance Served. Most of the well known links from Smashing Magazine and resources such as Unsplash or Flaticon are listed on left side bar. Muzli also offers content from most familiar sources such as TechCrunch and Mashable.

What is new in Muzli?




1. Designs for later Reading: You can save your favourite design on your personal collections.

2. Minimal view on load: It brings an exact point of users search in a minimum loading time.

3. Smart feed mash up with a new layout: Throughout this extension we get an up to date layout for your design.

4. Customisable, sort able source list: Here you will get only the unique, customisable sources for your aspire.

5. Endless feed history: Assemblage of creative designs are available through this extension for professionally curative & massively inspiring designs.

6. Designer News, Sidebar and Product Hunt: Beyond text – Extension which can be added to your browser, it contains a community of design zone, like Dribbble, Awwwards, Tuts#, CSS Winner etc. These can be utilised in an easy manner like a sidebar.

7. Use Muzli by signing In: You can secure your designs while making account in Muzli or just connect with Facebook or Twitter.

8. Wider search facility: Using Muzli search facility, the designer could get inspirational results from sites like behance, dribble etc.

So, Muzli gives a true source of inspiration to the graphic designers. No need to go here and there with lots of sites for ideas. Try Muzli as a source for your design zone.

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