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April 19, 2019 | By Webandcrafts

10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Digital marketing Trends categorized into an ever-evolving phenomenon. On account of that, it is necessary to keep up with the trends. What worked in the past may not work effectively in the present.

From Artificial Intelligence to the Micro moments that spread to the social media stories, we have plenty of new digital marketing techniques in 2019. All we need is to get in-depth knowledge in these technologies and with no time loss, implement it in your way of marketing.  

In this article, we have put together a list of Digital Marketing trends for 2019 & beyond, that would help you to unleash the full potential of your campaigns.


  1. 1. Voice Search is rising

Voice Search Marketing

For the past few years, the voice search is increasing and it is up to the marketers to take advantage of this new method. According to the statistics, people are more obsessed with the voice search to find local services. 46% of the total voice searchers made a query on the local business, and 27% of the website visitors for a local business is getting through a voice search. It shows the impact of this new trend over the local market and services. 20% of the Google and 25% of the Bing search query categories under the Voice search.

There are a few reasons why it is making a trend nowadays:

Voice search is faster: People can talk faster than they type.

It is more comfortable: Even if the user is associated with any activities, he can do a voice search easily.

Android Auto and Apple Carplay enabled in automobiles facilitate voice assistance while driving.

For digital marketers, it is a golden chance to make use of this platform with new ideas. But where to start? We should include voice-friendly command lines in the content as the first step. People used to insert questions while dealing with the voice search, so add the phrases with ‘what, where, how, why’ in your content and also, add question tags too. People continuously make search queries with very long sentences and so focus on the long tail keywords will be an added advantage.


  1. 2. Increased Use of Marketing Bots

Automation is witnessed in digital marketing trends even from the beginning of 2010 and in 2019, there is no doubt that it is still emerging as a powerful tool for digital marketing. Marketing bots are becoming more popular in this category. They can perform a certain set of operations their own and even the brands are creating these bots to communicate directly to their customers. They make every single task as simple as possible. Here are the top ways where you can use the bots to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

  • To conduct research
  • For communication
  • To Organize a whole team
  • For automating the Messaging Platform
  • To increase engagement

The bots critically boost the conversion rate of a website. One of the most popular bot categories is chatbots. They interact with the customers day and night. This virtual assistance is much better than physical support since the response will be prompt. They can recall everything that happened in history quickly and can use in between the conversation. Also, it is the best solution for repetitive tasks.


  1. 3. Increased Instagram Influence

Instagram Marketing

Instagram statistics speaks better than words.

  • Instagram’s organic marketing reach is 115% higher than the previous year.
  • There are more than 25M business profiles in Instagram
  • 71% of Instagram users come under the age of 35.
  • There are 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram
  • 60% of users find new products on Instagram
  • Instagram has the interaction rate of 2.2% where Facebook has 0.22%

If you focus on these tricks, you can succeed in Instagram at the earliest.

Here Visual appeal is everything: Make use of your best works to showcase. Use distinct images for each post, and it should convey what the product is about.

Use Clever hashtags: It helps your product to get discovered easily. Use the mix of your keywords and the Instagram suggestions.
Make maximum engagement: These social media platforms are not just to post your creatives; instead, you should engage with other posts and users.  


  1. 4. Importance of Content

Undoubtedly, rich and relevant content is always a prominent factor in digital marketing trends. It is through this online content that the users are absorbing the information and we should make it the way they want. As the digital marketing strategy comprises of several elements, each one is supposed to convey the intention through precise cut phrases, and we should talk to the customer on behalf of the marketer.

An in-depth customer orient content always works better, and a compromise in the quality will create an adverse effect. It is an essential component of digital marketing. Before developing the content, it is advised to make the framework to address the needs and necessities of the customers along with the insights of how they will approach. Always be live on the content marketing platform to make the customers up to date about the brand’s product/services.


  1. 5. Facebook still stands as the top social media website

Facebook Marketing

Several years back, people started sales through Facebook, and now it’s becoming a standard platform. Facebook has turned itself to a new approach rather than being just a Social Media network. The transparency of Facebook is markable, and this attracts people to it for distinct purposes.

It is easier to find the targeted audience on Facebook; hence the marketing campaigns seem to be more relaxed. A systematic approach to the targeted audience about the demographics and their activity percentage and cookies help to build the framework quickly. These types of digital marketing trends are easier to acquire, yet the result will be drastic.


  1. 6. In-App Ads

According to the statistics of 2018, over 2.01 billion people use messaging apps for communication. In 2019, we can expect more. But what should we conclude from this fact? Yes, we are getting a new way for digital marketing campaigns. Apart from the messaging apps, we have plenty of other categories too. One of the significant advantages of In-App advertising is that we will get the location data, through which we can fix the contexts for user engagement.  

Apart from this geo-targeting scenario, we can aim at the nature of the user by analyzing the category of the downloaded app. It shows the user, and the marketers can target their customers quickly.

Different formats of ads are possible, but it is hard to say which works better. We have banners, customs, interstitials, panels, videos, etc., for implementation, but it needs a prior working plan . Some apps, allow in-feed advertising, mainly social media platforms. It opens a wide range of less intrusive and highly targeted audience that makes marketing crusades easier.


  1. 7. Augmented Reality is getting popular

Augmented Reality Marketing


How is augmented reality works better with new digital marketing trends? It seems to be a new strategy in 2019, but the fact is that even from late 2016, people started working with virtual reality to establish better advertising strategies.

Augmented reality works with digital technology to overlay the desired information in text, video, images, etc. to the physical world real objects. The user can use a headset, virtual goggles, smartphones, etc. to view the AR globe.

AR creates the 3D versions of the static 2D objects; it may be cover images, pictures or products. The user will get the feeling of how the gadget will be in the real world.  For the advertisers, it is a real boon, since the tricky ways to convey the product quality and usage is not needed anymore. Everything will get easily carried to the user with AR.

The significant advantages of AR include:

Increased Customer engagement: Usually the dwelling time of an ad in television or any other visual sources will be 2 to 2.5 seconds. But the dwelling time of AR is 25 seconds. It points to the interest of the users to get engaged in the AR. It is not a simple statistics. Even without much effort, the advertiser can narrate the features of the product effectively.  

High-grade brand awareness: People are always ready to experience a new piece and no difference in the case of AR. It will showcase the finest technologies of the brand that will become sensational news for no doubt.
A fresh new world of digital experience: With the traditional statics world approach, the advertisers won’t get the chances to communicate with the targeted audience. But, in AR, the digital marketing campaigns are taking a new diversion to interact with the users directly.


  1. 8. Much more personalized Marketing messages

We can expect a more customized approach with every single user in 2019 and we are including it in the digital marketing trends list. Continuous research on customer behavior creates a set of features that define who they are and what they want! Of course, with this report, we can approach the customer with personalized content. With a proper interaction with the users, we can expect these advantages:

  • Reduce the rate of unsubscriptions
  • Improve the rate of new users(subscriptions)
  • Happy and satisfied customers
  • Improved Click Through Rate
  • A strong bond between the customer and company
  • Trustworthiness

Even with email marketing, we have witnessed tremendous changes. If the company need to collaborate with the customer for some future plans, he created the mail with personalized images and GIFs. Even the recipient get a contempt feeling that the company is taking care of the client.

Customized messages for each user is not a Himalayan Task anymore; perhaps, every marketing sharks are taking double the effort to make a more accessible output. Double the content and double the creativity is required, but the improved user engagement and higher conversion rates ignite the energy every time.


  1. 9. Video is not just for a fun element Even the Live Video!

YOUTUBE Marketing

According to CISCO, 81% of internet traffic will be through videos in 2021. But the fact is that it will not take two more years to reach this calculation. Already people are engaged in the videos; the way we cannot even imagine. 79% of people of the United States are watching videos through internet means daily. It is showing a positive vibe in the Digital Marketing trends too.

Creating a suitable piece of video that narrates the possibilities and advantages of your product dramatically works better than words. It reaches directly to the heart of the customers without much effort. It is up to the advertiser to choose the platform where it should get landed. Make a thorough check on the customer behavior to conclude.

Live video or live streaming is another significant trend nowadays. It draws a massive group of audience to your product at a minimum time. Perhaps the use of an influencer or a featured personality will hike the customer draw with a double dose. It is one of the trending marketing, and the success or failure depends on the way how you implement it.


  1. 10. Visual Search is trending

For the past few decades, the query search was prominent, and later a new method was raised called as the visual search. The search engine giant, Google has delivered the ‘Google Lens,’ which is a visual search engine. People are continuously changing the way how they need to get the data, and that is the reason for the innovations and these new digital marketing trends.

In the case of visual search, Pinterest is getting to the peak with lots of search options. People are attracted more to these features since the online shopping, price and image comparison is simple here. Digital marketing altogether with Search Engine Optimization with new tactics are required for a successful visual search campaign.

Apart from the theories of the Digital Marketing trends in 2019, one should get into more in-depth insight to perform the implementation part. With these new trends, you can easily attract the targeted audience. But prior to that, you need to complete certain homework too. The algorithm of the search engine is continuously changing with time, and you have to be updated to win.  


The AI-Powered marketing strategies and the ultra user-centric approaches are making a turning point in the industry to get the exact result, nurture your skills and fix the methodologies that suit you better.

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