Does Google hate SEO?

March 16, 2015 | By Jiya Thomas

Does Google Hate SEO?

It’s being doubted that whether Google hate SEO and I guess the answer is yes. So yearning to know the reason, before vouchsafes the answer let me through the initial information about SEO – The Search Engine Optimization.

An Integral part for Today’s Business

SEO is one of the most misjudged and misread terms in the world of marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a science that optimizes web pages or whole sites by analysing search engine algorithms in order to get top ranking on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The potent marketing method of SEO basically boost the online visibility, reach & cost effectiveness in the ever-changing world of online search, stimulates spikes in online traffic and in the long run – higher sales & revenue. SEO is showing no scope of slowing down and search engines are taking to more equitable efforts for bringing the sought-after results. Hence one should be aware of the role of SEO in business and what helps to make a good SEO. It is a very profitable once if done right and it’s an investment for future.

Make your web presence more profitable

Many people believe that SEO is just identifying and inserting keywords, article posting and bookmarking. The SEO services in fact go beyond these basic functionalities and include all the characteristics that can bring your website top in the ladder. For an effective SEO one need to analyze the content, social media presence, links, PR, reputation, images, design, and functionality of website, identify the loopholes and project solutions for effective visibility of their business.

Simply saying SEO will help you to position your website for relevant searches or when people need it.

The magic of crawling and indexing

The web spider comforts us with saving the agony of finding the relevant content ourselves. What it actually does is it traverses the billions of interlined pages on the World Wide Web. The web spiders or the search bots wait for the signals from the very previously indexed pages. Now you will be in bit confusion about newly introduced page, be in comfort stage hence the convincing answer for your query is here. If you have created a new page and linked it directly or link it from the existing page or from the main menu, then the bots consider this as a signal for visiting and indexing. Sitemaps and robots.txt files also serve the facility of introducing the pages to the bots. Beyond all these the framework or platform like WordPress automatically alerts the bots about the web page presence. Google webmaster tool or Bing webmaster tool accelerate the website or webpage detection by verifying your pages.

The initial responsibility of crawling is followed by indexing, once the crawlers detect the web pages or the documents, all the acceded data is cached in search engine server and it will be retrieved as per user search. The embodied responsibility of indexers is to return result as per the search engine query and also to rank the results in order of relevance and priority. Relevancy of the site is determined by Content, Performance, Authority, User experience etc

Why Google hate SEO?

Google feels like its relationship with SEO is a nuance. Google really encourage search engine optimization, but it certainly hates cunning or crafty SEO. The SEO build with the aim of tricking the search engine with stuffing keywords, buying links, site stuffed with ads, hiding the text, content plagiarism, etc, Google really hate these practises. Beware if you have a practise of manipulative SEO and if you wish to change your track or to hire a professional SEO expert then hire Webandcrafts team.

Webandcrafts believes in providing quality SEO services. We have an ethical approach towards it and provide legal and search engine friendly SEO services. We render professional SEO services which includes website analysis, on page and off page optimization, create sitemaps, maintaining and editing website, keyword optimization of social media content, scientific keyword research and analysis, original, relevant and keyword based content., link building and social bookmarking, development of social links, submitting articles, forums and blog posting.
Know its importance since it is the effective way to get your website noticed by potential customers!!!!

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