Net Neutrality

April 21, 2015 | By Geethu Maria Mathew

NextGen India without Net Neutrality

The fact is true that, besides any other development, the internet development has unbarred next generation’s fast and perfect betterment. The invention of internet contributed many entrepreneurs to the society and these entrepreneurs are contributing  incredibly in this field because of the fact that most internet service provider’s (ISP) treated internet traffic equally – The net neutrality. The net neutrality is offering each and every entrepreneur the opportunity of equal success rate. But currently this success rate is vulnerable and we the generation are aware of the core reason for this vulnerability.

Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) in its recent consultation paper has asked the public twenty questions and let’s summarizes this question as “Should the internet be touched?” The questions focus on to the unregulated over-the-top service (OTTS) apps running on telecom network, does it needs regulation? All these OTTs spends dollars in setting up infrastructures and most of them are competing head to head for their existence and some needs to invest in building networks, beyond this what is not to be forgotten is that these telecom companies also benefit from these OTTS who are piggybacking on them.  The fact is that more app – more data usage – more money. I doubt, still why these telecoms are disturbed.

Net neutrality violation results in:

  • Difference in providing net services, in the sense, some sites will be served fast and some are not.
  • Certain applications become costlier.
  • Endangering the better future of internet.
  • Dispose start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Wipe out dreams.
  • Market harming.

The absence of net neutrality provides profit to telecom, but the fact is that this act may result in harming the market and at the same time lose  internet’s openness.

My generations why mum, remember “Good things happen only when we stand up for that”. Now it’s our turn to fight for net neutrality. Let’s rise up and fight for our rights.


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