July 11, 2016 | By Jilu Joseph

Why Quality Assurance is more important for Webandcrafts

Quality Assurance (QA) is the practice of preventing defects and assuring the best out of a product. Nowadays, organisations consider QA as an unavoidable step in their process and more resources and budget is allocated for the same.

Here at Webandcrafts we take pride in our QA process as every product is scrutinised and ensures accuracy. For every software developed or designs built, at most care is taken to ensure defect free result, which in turn helps the company build credibility and growth.

Quality Assurance is a systematic effort which ensures that the end product serves it’s real purpose. For an organisation QA is important for several reasons.

1. Customer Satisfaction and loyalty

Customers bring in the business and their satisfaction should be the prime motto. A satisfied customer could also bring in more business by their positive word of mouth and referrals. All the available opportunities could be easily tapped if we got a handful of loyal customers.

2. Eliminate waste and rework

Assurance of quality in each and every step of development process will result in less wastage of resources and thereby increase in profit. Defects or errors would require rework and it will cost more time, money and effort. With proper quality assurance the organisation could minimise the resource utilisation and could ensure effective usage and accuracy.

3. Improved credibility and brand name

When a company is quality driven, a feeling of trust is created among the stakeholders. The improved credibility leads to an increase in the number of business. Ultimately, a defect free organisation maximises it’s wealth and thereby the brand finds a place in everyone’s mind.

4. Not just a negative test

QA is not just finding what is wrong. It should find out what all features work best from the customer’s view. Finding the positive is also part of quality assurance which helps in meeting the requirements to it’s full extend.

To stand apart from competitors, companies should take care of the most critical aspect of the business, which is Quality Assurance. Top management should aim for zero defect scenarios and all steps in the development process should pass through quality check. The company as a whole should be responsible for the quality of their products. Prevention is better than cure, so let us be quality conscious.

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