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Falak: Treating Taste Buds to the Irresistible Sweetness of North India

Webandcrafts had the opportunity to craft this beautiful logo for Falak, a sweet shop in Thrissur. We did the complete branding, which started from choosing the name, colour, slogan, packaging, and much more! 

  • Timescale

    20 Week



Setting New Horizons in the Realm of Flavours

When it comes to Indian sweets and delicacies, who can say no? That too in a way that uncovers the nuances of Indian tradition? Absolutely no one! The same thing happened with Mr. Sweet Tooth after trying out authentic Indian sweets from the very classic shop, Falak.



Uniting Cherished Traditions with Daily Bakes

Sticking to the traditions without compromising the authenticity of Indian desserts is not as easy as you think. That is where Falak stood out. They were successful in incorporating the traditions into their sales.

Falak had the potential to be outstanding in the field of smacking desi sweets, but branding was an important factor. They approached Webandcrafts with a requirement for branding. They wanted a brand that would incorporate Indian traditions and heritage. From logo design to rebranding, everything was up to us.


Getting Rid of Hurdles in the Branding Journey

Designing the logo, packaging, menu cards, and store stickers, and giving the brand a fresh new design aligned with its North Indian roots was not as easy as it seemed to be. We had to try out every possibility to give the brand its perfect look.

The limited availability of time was the major challenge faced during the entire branding process. As a considerable amount of improvisation had to be done to attain the final design, the time frame was intimidating.



Exploring North Indian Cultures

To renovate the brand, a thorough understanding of the North Indian culture and traditions was needed. Our design and branding team did thorough research on the culture and designed a number of drafts before reaching the final design.

Crafting an Exemplary Design

A number of designs were considered, each with a touch of tradition. The entire brand has to align with the aura the name exudes - Falak. So the design has to be heavenly.

The purple shade used exudes royalty. It's meant to symbolise the royal vibe each customer receives when they visit the shop. The font, which looks similar to the calligraphy writing, also gives off a royal vibe. The golden colour used for the font also oozes royalty. The compass star added to the brand name speaks for the heavenly delicacies of Falak.

The packaging box and menu card, with the elements of nature, represent luxury, calmness, and peace. Also, the colourful packaging stands for happiness, joy, and the heavenly feeling the customer gets from each bite of the sweets of Falak.



Transformed Tastes of Falak

With a brand new identity, from the logo to the packaging to the cards, Falak was able to establish a distinctive position in the world of sweets, which was diluted with similar-looking brands with less or no unique identity.

Falak was able to keep up with what the name suggests - The Edge of Heaven - with its brand new identity. 

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Falak, a part of Everyday Bakes located in Kochi, specializes in North Indian sweets. Embracing the rich traditions of North India, this exceptional sweet shop distinguishes itself through its flavors, ambiance, and warm hospitality.

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