Magento 2.0 key Updates

May 13, 2015 | By Jiya Thomas

Magento 2.0 Key Updates

Magento 2.0 new footstep for furnishing smart and flexible eCommerce platform for business of different sizes. It makes its stand on latest and up-to the minute technology stack which enables to incorporate better with third party solutions and is more accessible and open to front-end developers.

Magento 2.0’s is a vital step for offering scalability, greater performance, and modularity through the platform. The merchants or the clients will attain faster deployments, simplified upgrades and faster time to value also fastens the ease of implementation

Magento 2.0 key Updates

Magento 2.0 Key Updates

Even Magento 2.0  is in its improvisation phase, We know the Magento lovers are zealously waiting to seize the minute gossips about it.

“Don’t speak ill of your predecessors or successors. You didn’t walk in their shoes.” I know this phrase contradicts here hence Magento 2.0 is in the same shoe. But I just wanna convey you the message that – A good comparison with predecessor version will always helps to formulate a better knowledge about the present set-up.

Easier front-end development

Although still in expansion phase, Magento 2.0 endow with a unique set of improved front-end approaches compared to its predecessor Magento 1.X.  Also the developers can easily get in to it with the key improvements including better separation of the presentation layer from business logic, using the LESS CSS pre-processor, and using modern HTML 5 themes. .

There are also noteworthy changes to overall layout manipulation, file structure and bestows an initiative to Magento UI library heavily based on LESS pre-processor with built in compiler. All these features are combined together   to delivers specific system requirements and thereby to acquire maximum reach to the respective clients

Modern Tech Stack

Tech stack assimilation, including JQuery and the latest versions of PHP, CSS, HTML 5   – notable improvisation in the new release, offers a better starting point for the Magento lovers.


High code quality & testing

Magento 2.0 track continuous improvement, continuous deployment (CICD) /automated testing practices to achieve improved code base quality

Testing framework of  Magento 2.0 comprise  a series of test scripts for users which enable them to determine the impact of code changes at various stages of site implementation. This series includes tests for integration, units, static environments, functional areas, and performance criteria.

Streamlined Customization                              

To open up new spheres in the field of eCommerce, customization process is streamlined. The layout manipulation in the previous Magento versions was not an easy task for those who have only limited technical knowledge .But the new version came up with the solution for this and makes it clear for the newbie even.

Magento 2.0 includes a modularized search interface and layered navigation so it is easier to customize search functions. The new Visual design editor, will provides with straight forward design system and ease to use ‘drag and drop’ interface which there by permit every merchant to modify blocks and containers with no substantial effort.

Improved performance & Scalability :

Magento 2.0 improves native performance and scalability to meet the challenging needs of potential merchants. It will incorporate all features of the preceding Magento versions as well as having the new possibilities for serving more to its customers.

Advanced indexers.  New indexers possess the same functionalities as the earlier enterprise versions, but it’s been equipped to bring faster query performance and more efficient updates.

It also consists of Magento performance toolkit and Varnish cache to optimize the scope of scalability and performance. The system performance can verify through a new set of performance scripts

Multiple admin users.  Core improvements in the admin site allow for more admin users to create and update products while reducing data conflicts.

Better engagement with the society

Yet another advantage of Magento 2.0 is better engagement with the community. A better connect with the community will opened up since it enables to carry out webinars special events etc

Reduced upgrade costs and efforts

Upgrading core Magento software and extensions will be easier than with lower upgrade costs and efforts. It includes information on versioning policies, to support the developer upgrade new version easier with the support of new standalone installer, installing Magento 2.0 will be much faster. This tool will check for prerequisites before starting installation.

Component oriented module Structure

Magento 2.0 comprises a set of modules with a high coupling code which provides merchants with an option to enable disable or replace the components according to their needs.

Directories Structure

There are significant changes made in the structure of directory. Magento 2.0 brings in a new directory called “pub” and it will contain whole data available for publicity . This will provides the developer with a better and precise view of structure

Magento all lessen the number of root directories so as to make a faster store management. Certainly, this system is more convenient than the previous versions, where numerous files are divided among the system. Also, shop owners can able to leave their Magento application files outside of web server document root.

The greatest advantage of Magento 2.0

‘Initiative of  Magento UI  library’

Magento 2.0 put forward an absolute UI library build up on LESS to meet the definite and precise system requirements. The motive behind opting LESS over other pre-processors is because Magento 2.0 comes with internal compiler to compile CSS directly from PHP. This will definitely, speed up development and allow developers to focus just on file editing/production.

UI Library itself provide tons of mixins (vertical rhythm, @font-face .etc) and a huge set of predefined variables to make the process more intuitive and less demanding for a fronted developer.

The launch of a worthy platform for giving a complete eCommerce solution is about to happen soon. There is no doubt about the fact that Magento 2.0 is a significantly advanced system in all aspects when compared to its predecessor.

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