The Making of a CEO: A Reflection of Jilu Joseph's Remarkable Journey

The Making of a CEO: A Reflection of Jilu Joseph's Remarkable Journey

By Anjaly Chandran, content developer @WAC, adept at scoping out interesting technical facts to produce concise and user-friendly content that best reflects the business goals.
  • Published in Events on January 25, 2024
  • Last Updated on February 22, 2024
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The Making of a CEO: A Reflection of Jilu Joseph's Remarkable Journey
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The famous quote by Melinda Gates goes like this, “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” The transformational and inspiring journey of Jilu Joseph, from Vice President to CEO of Webandcrafts, has been an inspiration to the organisation while taking newer steps towards the global digital revolution. Her wholehearted support for the company’s growth, confidence, involvement, and decision-making skills have been cornerstones contributing to the success of Webandcrafts as a digital transformation company.

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Education & Early Career

Jilu had completed graduation from BVM Holy Cross College during 2008-2011, and Master of Business Administration in Finance from Berchmans Institute of Management Studies during 2014-2016. She started her career as a programmer analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions in 2011 and worked for three years.

After her marriage with Abin Jose Tom, the then Founder & CEO of Webandcrafts, in January 2016, she pursued her passion and joined his mission of building the organisation with her active contribution as the Vice President of the company. Her ingenious instincts and presence of mind, along with her work experience, ignited her potential to lead and manage the team at Webandcrafts. Jilu’s nurturing mindset, analytical approach, problem-solving ability and team management skills have always played a tremendous part in facilitating WAC’s growth as an organisation.

The Official Announcement

The new position of Jilu as CEO of WAC was announced on January 1, 2024, the very special morning of the new year. As the Vice President, Jilu has been playing a crucial role in the organisation efficiently. She was keen on overseeing the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of the organisation, along with constantly generating value for the client. With more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry, she was entrusted with the responsibilities of leading and directing the core team of the company.

While Jilu was excited and confident to take up the new role, she also added her words of gratitude to express her happiness at being the driving force behind the company. While Jilu was sceptical about undertaking the role since balancing motherhood and professional responsibilities would be a challenging task, she expressed her happiness in having Abin by her side with the full-fledged support.

Jilu also mentioned how the support from both her and Abin’s family, along with the support of the core team, helped to make this decision that proved her potential. She also described how their support gave her the confidence to find a balance between her personal and professional lives. Followed by expressing gratitude, she also added that her focus as a CEO would be on the systematic work and the productivity each and everyone at Webandcrafts contributes to.

Abin was equally excited to welcome Jilu to the new position and remembers her involvement in the development of the company right from the day she accompanied him in life. While Abin moves into his new mission to extend the presence of Webandcrafts to the global sphere, he expressed that this was the right time for Jilu to take the position. Abin absolutely believes that in her new role as CEO, she will be the one who is able to regularly monitor, manage and take care of the organisational processes.

The Making of a CEO: A Reflection of Jilu Joseph's Remarkable Journey
Photo by Webandcrafts

The event also witnessed the official announcement of the new role of Abin Jose Tom as the Managing Director of Webandcrafts. Our CTO Vinoth Kumar Bala and CCO Clint Antony also spoke during the event, with great excitement about welcoming the new CEO of WAC. Their words of appreciation proved that the entire WAC team was confident in Jilu’s potential and that her strong decision making capabilities would lead the organisation to new heights. 

The Timeless Contributions Towards Building an Inspirational Role

Jilu had never stopped dreaming—with the curiosity of how technology makes things easier for all of us, she stayed with Abin throughout the evolution of WAC, facilitating people and businesses to get better while building incredible technological capabilities for themselves and their clientele.

From the role of taking care of people and processes to the development of the entire organisation, the leap towards gaining the position of CEO to build a technology-driven future has been truly encouraging.

With extreme excitement and pride, Abin Jose Tom posted on LinkedIn about the joy of welcoming Jilu to take up a new role:“Her new leadership shift as the CEO of Webandcrafts, the new WAC, has been a huge step into a future of endless potential and success. With the experience of having built something more than a company, we've built a community grounded in dreams, aspirations, and deep human connections. Our journey so far has been extraordinary, and I am eager to see where our shared path takes us next. Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year from Team Webandcrafts!”

The journey of Jilu Joseph is evidence of the fact that people don’t take opportunities because the timing is inappropriate or societal and family constraints hold them back from achieving success. It is all about learning to quit overanalyzing and accepting that you have to go for it, no matter what.