Innovate, Create, Elevate: WAC's Exclusive Workspace for Design Maestros

Innovate, Create, Elevate: WAC's Exclusive Workspace for Design Maestros

By Anjaly Chandran, content developer @WAC, adept at scoping out interesting technical facts to produce concise and user-friendly content that best reflects the business goals.
  • Published in Events on November 17, 2023
  • Last Updated on January 11, 2024
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Innovate, Create, Elevate WAC's Exclusive Workspace for Design Maestros

    For innovation to flourish, organisations need to create an environment that celebrates a fusion of creativity and smart work. A dedicated workspace lets multi-talented groups of employees work in close collaboration to exchange ideas and achieve powerful results.

    Driving the passion for change and fueling innovation has always been the key focus that has defined the journey of Webandcrafts. With an exclusive space for the design team on the third floor of Indeevaram Infopark, Koratty, Thrissur, WAC has laid the foundation for the new sanctuary where creativity thrives.

    Inaugurated on November 8, 2023, at 10:00 a.m., the creative space of WAC has taken birth with a wave of passion, innovation, and boundless creativity. The entire WAC's presence enlightened the gathering, and it gave everyone great joy to see another chapter of the organisation open its doors and share the magic of design.

    With more than 60 user-experience designers, animators, graphic designers, 3D specialists, and many more experts in the team, we have realised the vision of creating a dedicated space for design.

    The inauguration of this creative and most vibrant centre for design has made a successful breakthrough for WAC, with an exclusive space for ‘Market’ on the first floor, another for ‘Build’ on the second floor, and a novel space for ‘Design’ on the third. From developing creative masterpieces to a creative “master space”, WAC has been able to make a difference.

    The event had been a huge success and was witnessed by the entire WAC crowd, along with the special guests from the neighbouring companies. The design team in WAC had all started with UI/UX design services but later evolved into other verticals with services offered for Web experience, mobile experience, human-machine interface, graphic design, user experience design, 3D visualisation, photo and video production, and so on.

    Our CEO, Abin Jose Tom and Vice President, Jilu Joseph, shared their joy in transforming the long-held vision into a reality. Quoting a popular dialogue, “Powerful people come from powerful places”, Jilu expressed her excitement about opening up the new space.

    The Chief Creative Officer, Clint Antony, shared his happiness about achieving a unique workspace for his team, as he had always dreamt of. He had added  that it was a long-time vision of the entire team to set up a unique space to be the hub of their creative designs.

    We’ve got more than a workplace—the office space design, which has been the result of the creativity and efforts of the WAC design team. The stand-out designs in the office have all been a part of the ideas of our design experts, which is truly inspiring. Clint has also conveyed that they believe in bringing more creative designs to keep grabbing the attention of the global audience.

    The event has certainly been one of the sweetest moments in the story of WAC, and the crowd shared the happiness with the sweets that spoke to the stories of hard work, passion and burning energy.