Human Machine Interface (HMI)


Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Making Complex Interactions Easy And Flexible

HMI creates a link between human beings and technology by building user-friendly control elements to facilitate easy communication. It makes complex operations easy and saves time. 

Let it be a vehicle head unit or a digital control system of equipment, we can help you to craft an effective interface enabling the operator to navigate easily and get the unit running efficiently.

Fields of Expertise

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HMI Interface Design

Defining easy-to-use, intuitive, and efficient ways to interact with complex real-life machines and devices

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HMI Interface Redesign

Updating your current system to a new and efficient system to make it more user-friendly, efficient and effective in achieving its goals

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Maintenance and Support

We make sure your Interface is efficient and continues to yield you results as expected by carrying regular updates and patches

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HMI Wireframing and Interactive Prototyping

We ensure that the HMI is well-designed and meets the needs of its users before development and implementation

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Unlock New Possibilities in the World of HMI

Refine complex interactions between your employees and equipment to increase efficiency and reduce redundancy

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The role of a human-machine interface is to convey the operating conditions of a device to develop an alert or response from the operator’s end. At WAC, we ensure that the HMI designs are customer-centric, intuitive, user friendly, and cater well to the unique requirements. We also adhere to an ergonomically perfect compliance-specific HMI design. With the advanced technology, we also have HMI interfaces to enable the user to easily interact with the computer programs, machines or systems. We not only design and build hardware, but also design and embed the operating software to the interface.

For the present-day operators who work in the connected industrial automation ecosystem, HMI system usability should be similar to the user handheld devices. The HMI/UI designs not only ensures the ease of operation but also offers you with the expected operational efficiency. The HMI cloud-based framework implementation can also be done across mobile, web and embedded systems to attain improved ROI for the business. Our HMI design experts have collaborated with the global customers to build cloud-based, operator-centric HMI plugin, software solutions, etc.

HMIs are advanced software applications that run on the present-day operating systems, and they are highly capable of working on various functions. They lay a bridge between the complex logic and human operator, and let the operator function on the key operations then concentrate on the logic that implements the functions. HMI is flexible and customizable, which means you can modify and design the interface as per your requirements/preferences. This enables the creation of various screens, icons, buttons, graphics, etc. that suit your operators and process.

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