Off Page Optimization techniques

July 01, 2016 | By Neena Thomas

Off Page Optimization Techniques – Impact on SEO


Off Page Optimization techniques help improve the website ranking position in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). This technique is performed outside the website. There are lots of techniques for doing off page SEO works.

Before going to learn about off page optimization techniques, what is SEO and its types?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is used for getting organic traffic like increased user visit to our websites. It is a method to change rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. There are two types of SEO,

● On Page

● Off Page

On page SEO

On page SEO deals with in our website pages. We can optimize our website while making changes on the title, meta description, site content, site structure, adding canonical URL, internal links, sitemap, managing robots.txt etc. We need to give importance to the keyword, which we add. Title tag should be related to our website. The keywords are important in SEO; we need to add proper title related to the keyword. The keywords should be related to website content. Be alert with content, because the content is the king in SEO. Content should be unique without any grammatical errors.


Both the on page and Off page optimization are important for SEO. Each and every technique on both On page and Off page for ranking your website must be done with care.

Off page Optimization and it’s importance

The Search engine will bring the best result for the users. The best result indicates the best websites. So, we are on our website and it should be good for Google bots. Google bot is just a bot or spider for crawling our site and it will store new information in Google database. The site should be active in Social Media like Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.

What are the advantages for the site while doing Off page techniques?

There are a lot of benefits for the site like,

  • Rank in SERP: The site will get more traffic through an increased rank in search engine result page.
  • Increase in Page rank: Page rank is the rank between 0 – 10, given by the Google for the best site in search engine result page.
  • More exposure: While getting the top position of result page there will be more traffic from different links and you can increase your page rank.


Off page Optimization techniques


It is the most common method in Off page for getting external links to the websites. While making clicks from another website to our website, it means that Google will treat our site with more confidence and that type of externals will help our site to gain authority to our website. While building backlinks we can increase crawl rate of websites thus traffic also increases to attain better page rank.

All available backlinks are not perfect for building external links. It is better to make a link from a high authority website rather than making a bunch of links from low-quality websites.

The different methods of link building are,

  • Directory submission: We may think it is an easy procedure to build backlinks through directory submission. Building backlinks from high-quality directories is a difficult task. You can go with quality directories like Moz, Yahoo directory etc.


  • Article Submission: We can create articles based on our subjects and make links to our website. This method is pretty same as directory submission. Most of the article submission directories accept only unique quality content. There are lots of advantages through article submission like, multiple links can be given from one article, better reliability, low competition on links, direct traffic to our website, etc.Both the directory and article submission are available in paid and free version. Be sure to submit only to high quality authorized directories.
  • Link baiting: It is another method to create links to your website. It is just like crafting content for others to link to it. While you copy or publish content from other websites, don’t forget to add their website as a reference. Thus others will also do for you. It will increase backlinks or inbound links to your website. The most important factor of link baiting is creating good quality content in which others get attracted to get value from it. Examples of link baiting include breaking news, humor, educational information etc.
  • Cross-Linking: It is the process of linking two sites, which may or may not be owned by the same person. While we make links to other websites, it may be a reference to others with similar content, themes, or subject which something new to users interest. Use keyword rich anchor text for cross-linking; it will be more appealing to crawlers. Don’t do too much of linking, it may become penalty from the search engines and also never link to the banned websites. Cross-linking will also increase the traffic and also increase internal page rank for your website, which is a major factor of page rank algorithm of Google.


  • Link exchange: Exchanging quality links between websites is one of the methods to increase the link popularity to attain page rank. While linking consider the websites which has importance in your websites.
  • Search Engine Submission: You can submit your websites to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Netscape, Lycos, Excite etc. to gain traffic to your site.

Focus on Quality Links

One of the important factors we need to consider about is about which link should we follow. We should follow the quality link thus we can acquire rank but, while we follow the non-quality link it will affect our site in a worse manner. Try to give follow to better sites, which has good quality and good quantity too. A quality link to your site is far better than a bunch of links from a normal website.


Social media is the main area where you can expose your products or business to attract users, which increase traffic to your site. Try to link your social media account to your websites. It will increase your ranking, most of the Social Media like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious etc. Try to make an account on social media and share your ideas and products, thus you can increase your company’s reputation.


Social media is the powerful area to brand your website or products online. It will increase traffic towards your website and also helps to increase inbound links. We need to build up an understanding of followers or social media friends. Try to share their post or article so they will do ours also. This is a basic reward or a mannerism. Through social media try to share photos/videos regarding the product or your company. Blogging is also a good method of off page SEO. Please be sure that your content is unique and meaningful and give hypertext to valuable keywords.

These all are the basic off page optimization techniques of Off Page SEO. SEO, both On page and Off page methods are important. Try to use SEO in an ethical way.

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