AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning


Take Action with AI, Don’t Lag Behind

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses become capable of automating processes, gaining insights from complicated data sources, improving customer experiences, and arriving at data-centric predictions. At WAC, we help businesses drive innovation and flexibility in decision-making with the power of innovation. AI and ML pave the way for a more connected and smarter future to shape the way we interact with technology—from robots and autonomous vehicles to recommendations and threat intelligence systems, we let you keep business processes optimised with advanced intelligent solutions.

Take a Quick, But Smart Leap!

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Let us develop diverse AI/ML models that fit well with your business goals to accelerate the time-to-market and take your brand into the spotlight.

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AI-driven Search

Improve search result efficiency with smart search using personalisation, image recognition and NLP.

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Image search

Let smart search analyse the visual image features to cater to eCommerce, content retrieval, and more.

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Voice Search

Revolutionise your business with voice search capabilities to give users access to crucial information.

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Image Classification

Utilise cutting-edge ML and AI technologies to enhance your business decisions through image classification.

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Recommender Systems

Get tailored suggestions to leverage user preferences and behaviours that stimulate user satisfaction.

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Natural Language Processing

Enable automated understanding and generation of human language for an enhanced user experience.

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Speech Recognition and Voice Assistants

Build smarter businesses through advanced voice support and speech recognition technologies.

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Integrations with AI Tools

Seamlessly integrate in-house and third-party AI tools to optimise business through diverse AI technologies.

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Enterprise E-commerce Search

Bring enhanced search experience to your business with specialised AI and eCommerce expertise.




Discover the power of TensorFlow, a leading open-source framework for AI and machine learning. Developed by Google, TensorFlow empowers developers to effortlessly build and train a diverse range of models, including deep neural networks. Experience the versatility of Tensorflow to simplify parallel processing and optimisation and AI development.



Experience the simplicity and power of Keras, a high-level deep learning framework. Running on TensorFlow, Keras streamlines neural network development and training. Its intuitive interface and pre-built components make it accessible to all levels of expertise. Unlock the potential of deep learning with Keras and drive innovation in your AI projects effortlessly.



Explore the possibilities of PyTorch, a dynamic and intuitive deep learning framework. Simplify neural network development using its Python interface. Experience efficient training with dynamic graph computation, automatic differentiation, and GPU acceleration. Join a vibrant community and harness the power of PyTorch to transform your AI projects.

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Every innovation that happens here is out of a quest to get better at what we are already doing. We deliver ideas that make a difference, create experiences that transform lives and build ecosystems that foster progress.


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The future is here, and it's up to us to build it. Let's work together to create a world that is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous for all.


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