DevOps Consulting

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DevOps Consulting

Expediting Complex Processes Through Effective Collaboration and Delivering Products at a High Velocity

Webandcrafts has successfully leveraged the DevOps approach to streamline application delivery and enhance operational efficiency. We've fostered robust collaboration between our IT operations and software engineering teams, adhering to key DevOps principles. Our current software delivery procedures encompass the entire software development life cycle, encompassing build, deployment, testing, and configuration management.


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Assessment & Planning

Pinpoints the bottlenecks, enabling clients to optimise software delivery processes through a tailored roadmap for improvement

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Process Implementation

Streamlines your software delivery, while increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and enabling faster reliable releases

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Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

Automates your software build, testing, and deployment processes, ensuring reliable software releases while continuously improving

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Testing Automation

Enables faster and more efficient testing processes, improving software quality, reducing manual errors, and ensuring reliable and consistent software releases



Involves packaging applications into isolated containers, allowing consistent deployment across different environments for smoother software delivery

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Environment Management

Automates the setup and configuration of consistent environments, minimising errors and promoting efficient collaboration among teams

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Implements the tools and practices to monitor performance, availability, and health of infrastructure components to troubleshoot and optimise for efficiency

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Configuration Management

Automates the management of your software configurations, ensuring consistency and efficiency in deployments for faster application scalability

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Project Management

Improved planning, coordination, and execution of DevOps initiatives, enabling efficient resource allocation, timely delivery, and successful implementation

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Security Integration

Ensures secure software delivery by embedding security practices throughout the pipeline, mitigating vulnerabilities, and maintaining regulatory compliance

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No, DevOps consulting takes a tailored approach, considering the organization's specific needs and constraints, and recommends incremental changes and improvements that align with their current environment while gradually adopting DevOps principles and practices.

DevOps integrates security practices throughout the software delivery pipeline, implementing secure coding practices, conducting vulnerability assessments, leveraging automation for security testing, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Absolutely! DevOps consulting often includes expertise in cloud migration and management. Consultants can assist in assessing the organisation's readiness for cloud adoption, selecting the appropriate cloud platform, designing cloud architecture, and implementing automated deployment and scaling processes in the cloud.

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