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Website Development Services to Place Your Business on Cloud Nine

Every warrior needs skills and tools to mark the victory—so does your business! As the top web development company in India, we nurture a team of experts, technologies, tools and services with adherence to the latest industry trends that form the pillar of your business’s growth.

From responsive design to improved performance and robust functionality, we take care of providing website development services for stunning, user-friendly, and highly engaging websites, eCommerce storefronts, web applications, CMS, SaaS, and enterprise applications to ensure your online presence stands out from the crowd.

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Web App Development

Dive into the realm of intuitive web applications exclusively tailored to gift an immersive digital experience

ecommerce website development services India


Bridge the gap between your storefront and customer with our strategic e-commerce solutions

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Corporate Website

Avail sales opportunities and high user engagement with corporate website development services

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Customer Relationship Management

Deploy fully featured and time efficient data analytics to manage customer relationships

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Content Management System (CMS)

Leverage enterprise CMS to manage dynamic and unorganised content for business efficiency



Make stunning business software models using SaaS with emphasis on company growth and profitability




Build fast-loading and optimised web applications with rapid page rendering features from the constructive and interactive technology of React



Build web applications of bespoke quality and quick loading times with the exceptional performance of the Next.js technology framework



Elevate customer engagement with visually stunning, scalable and reliable interfaces for web applications through the boundless possibilities of Vue.js



Transform your industry with the combination of agile concepts and the broad expertise of our Angular developers to give life to thoughtful web applications



Revolutionize your business with top-notch web applications, dynamic websites, and desktop apps to rewrite your brand’s success story with the promise of Python

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Develop quick and scalable web pages with real-time Node.js technology to highlight your business’s digital strength with solution-focused applications



Get assistance from a robust codebase to get dynamic, swift and flexible PHP web development solutions for highly interactive web pages



Let us assist businesses in adopting powerful yet innovative methodologies to create secure and reliable web development processes with MySQL services



Unlock the value from your data assets and experience a fine-tuned performance across conceptualization to the construction of web applications with MongoDB

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Elasticsearch Engine

Make it easy to deploy data aggregation operations and simplify the unstructured query processing with the business intelligence of Elasticsearch

Our Process

Since the initial focus of any project is to gather relevant information, we discuss it with the clients to understand their business needs. After analysing the requirements, we define the purpose and goals of web development services
The information collected in the initial stage is utilized to create the sitemap for a user-focused website. A wireframe offers a visual description of the website that encompasses the functions and features you need in a site.
With the support of UI/UX design experts, we work on the web design after establishing the wireframes, sitemap, and roadmap. Being the top website development company in India, we keep the target audience in mind and ensure that the web design aligns with the user experience.
A web development company with a team of experienced developers defines the functionality, technologies, and integrations necessary to develop the website as envisioned. We perform front-end and back-end development with adherence to all technical specifications.
To ensure that the end-user gets the best experience, quality assurance is inevitable. With our website QA testing services, the developers test the website to check if everything looks and functions right in specific browsers and devices.
Once we run the tests to make sure everything works as expected, the website is ready to enter the live server for the launch. We also take care of updating or re-optimizing your websites to help you drive better business results.

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Stay ahead of the curve and harness our expertise to deliver customer-centric financial solutions

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Innovative digital solutions that prioritize patient care to deliver exceptional medical services

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Information Technology

Drive efficiency, innovation, and growth in the dynamic landscape of the information technology industry

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Discover transformative IT services in the digital era that drive seamless omnichannel experiences

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Develop intuitive and immersive mobile applications that bring learning to the fingertips

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Whisk your food business to new heights and satisfy food enthusiasts in the culinary landscape

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Craft captivating narratives through visually stunning websites & immersive brand experiences

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Construct websites that exponentiate your business leads and inculcate trust

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Lay the foundation for your business with concrete technological & marketing solutions

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Redefine hospitality with cutting-edge digital solutions, creating unforgettable experience and guest loyalty

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Rise up to the tunes with immersive audiovisual experiences that keep your crowd entranced and coming back for more

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Throttling up your digital presence to drive brand growth through industry-leading artistry

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Travel and Tourism

Take a tour around the globe with captivating website that elevate your brand presence to a next level

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Leverage agile digital solutions that streamline processes, foster innovation and thrust brand identity

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Real Estate

Empower real estate professionals with game-changing IT services that unlock untapped opportunities

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Event Management

Bringing the immersive experience to you while leveraging next-gen technology for an unparalleled celebration

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Engineering Services

Manufacturing complex machinery with internet technology for future advancements and global challenges

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Forging new relationships or strengthening existing ones, our innovative technology solutions help people connect seamlessly worldwide

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Non-Profit Organisation

Inspire positivity and empower changes in the community with technology that impact lives

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Steal the red carpet with websites that captivate & branding that conquers the competition

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Drive sales with tailored web traffic that supercharge your global brand recognition

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Amusive yet immersive web experiences combined with a roller coaster of features for an unforgettable online journey

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Case Studies


While choosing the website development services in India, you should initially set a budget for your business. Further, get the pricing and analyse if the website has case studies or a work portfolio that showcases the work done in the past. Examine the customer support system and make sure that the company offers all the web development services you need.
We consider choosing the right technology for your business while taking into account many factors and requirements. There are various parameters and factors to be noted that help a web development services company choose the optimum technology. Some of the factors to consider while looking for web development services in India include: maintainability, scalability, security, cost, performance of app, time to market, database structure, ecosystem, etc.
Web development outsourcing depends on a variety of variables. Businesses should research and find the apt fit for them—choosing a web development agency or a firm that has expertise in their niche with a relevant work portfolio and client testimonials can help you find the best. Tagged as the best web development company in Kerala, and on a mission to extend our presence to various parts of the world, we are involved in building the website or web application from scratch to the final product. We take care of the entire web development services in Kerala and across the globe,  and manage and direct the processes in accordance with the client's requests.
The time taken for a website development company to complete a web development project varies depending on the complexity of the business project. It includes planning, organisation, the website design phase, and the development stage, which can take weeks to a few months based on the scope of the project. The entire phase of web development services like coding, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance could be segmented into cycles, where you can keep track of the web application process and take care of the project timeline as and when required.
Searching for and finding the custom web development services might be a daunting task. While a Google search can bring many solutions, you would still be required to apply your diligence in choosing the right developer for the project. The developer you opt to partner with for web development services in Kerala should have a record of building quality websites and stable web applications. Also, you need a developer who can understand the business needs and work in the best possible way with you to transform the target into reality.
As the top provider of web development services in India, Webandcrafts performs custom web development to suit your unique business needs and objectives. We collaborate with your business to determine and analyse the best custom solutions that work well for it. Whether you need a completely new website or want to customise the business website that already exists, we can help you realise your objectives and tailor solutions based on your needs.
As your trusted web development partner and the prominent website development company in India, we provide services tailored to suit the needs of your business, helping brands grow online and serve their target audiences. By making people aware of the products and services you offer in an interesting and visually appealing way, we set your website and applications apart from the competition. Established as the leading provider of website development services in Kerala and expanding its roots to various parts of the globe, Webandcrafts considers your requirements and offers the services you demand, taking simplicity of navigation, speed optimisation, content management, structure, design, and functionality into consideration.

Hire Developers with Technology Stack

Hire highly skilled personnel without any hassles of resource scouting

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Vuejs – 1.svg
aws (2).svg
Angular JS.svg
Vuejs – 1.svg
aws (2).svg
Angular JS.svg

Related Services

Devops consulting.png

DevOps Consulting

Streamline software development processes and enhance the overall reliability of software delivery

Data & Analytics.png

Data & Analytics

Empowering businesses with data-driven insights through our comprehensive analytics services

Ai & Machine learning.png

AI & Machine Learning

Driving innovation with AI and machine learning for actionable insights and transformative outcomes

Our Impact

Every innovation that happens here is out of a quest to get better at what we are already doing. We deliver ideas that make a difference, create experiences that transform lives and build ecosystems that foster progress.


Projects launched successfully across the globe


Daily customer engagement throughout our projects


Digital transformation stories that made a difference

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The future is here, and it's up to us to build it. Let's work together to create a world that is sustainable, equitable, and prosperous for all.


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