Bringing the Future of Wireless Lighting Solutions into the Spotlight

Cosmicnode is a Netherlands based startup that lights the way ahead in scalable wireless lighting solutions. Webandcrafts created the website that puts this rapidly rising company’s futuristic approach into the limelight. Our experts powered their push to create a brand identity that can transform various industries for a smart and sustainable future.

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Performance-Oriented Website for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Netherlands-based startup Cosmicnode is focused on providing reliable and scalable wireless lightning solutions for agriculture, horticulture, and smart buildings. Webandcrafts was tasked with creating a unique website that is visually pleasing and perfectly aligned with what their brand represents. Cosmicnode’s passion for transforming buildings and industries for a sustainable future inspired Webandcrafts to associate with the brand.
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Perfectly Depicting Services Offered in an Easy Manner

The target was to create a website that displays the services offered in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand manner. The focus was to ensure the user could get a clear idea of a service by spending little time on the website. Moreover, the website needed to be performance oriented while enabling editing of contents whenever required. 

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Simplicity and Performance in an Eye-Catching Package

Conveying ideas in a simple and effective way was the biggest challenge this project presented us with. Our team decided to use a lot of animations, images, and pictorial representations such as diagrams and icons to serve this purpose. A picture is worth a thousand words; that was one of the core ideas behind the design of this website. 




Ensuring Quality and Flexibility at Every Step

After securing approval for the idea from the client, we collected all the requirements to create a wireframe. As soon as the client was satisfied with the framework, the team swung into action and designed the website. We presented the design to the client for valuable feedback and suggestions. After collecting the feedback and carrying out the required changes, we moved on to the development stage. After a thorough quality analysis, the website was made live.



Effective Front-End with a Customisable Back-End

Webandcrafts used HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to create the front-end for the website. HTML’s widespread use and the support it enjoys in most browsers made it the top choice. Meanwhile, WordPress was used for the back-end as the client needed a CMS (Content Management System) that facilitated easy editing of contents on the website. Our team was keen on utilising the wide range of possibilities offered by both HTML and WordPress to ensure that the website was eye-catching and easy to comprehend.

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Horticulture Automation
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Effectively Portraying Why Wireless Lighting is the Future

Webandcrafts created a highly responsive website that effectively portrays what the client offers to its business targets, who are keen on sustainability. Viewers can easily understand the benefits of joining hands with Cosmicnode for wireless lighting solutions without spending much time. 

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Headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Cosmicnode provides reliable and scalable wireless lighting controls with less latency. They focus on providing sustainable solutions for smart-buildings in addition to the horticulture and agriculture industries.

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