3d Animation trends in 2019

May 18, 2019 | By Webandcrafts

Top 8 3D Animation Trends to follow in 2019

A single picture can define thousands of words, and a particular animation represents thousands of pictures. So it is obvious that, with the help of an animation, you can explain an entire story. So these animations seem to the prime choice for Our Creative Artists to express their thoughts easily.

The animation is getting new definitions with the time, and the techniques and technologies are continuously changing. Here we are discussing the top 3D animation trends that are emerging in 2019.

Let’s get in detail.

  1. 1. AR/VR


3D trends in 2019


For the past few years, we are witnessing this new trend in the digital field, and it seems to be one of the perfect factors to drive the audience to your campaign. No doubt in the case of animation too. The companies already switched to unplug the reality in front of their customers.

Even if the effort and cost is a little high for this pseudo scenes, the impact and the way how clients get into the product is worth.


  1. 2. Isometric Animation


3D Animation trends in 2019


This trend was widespread in the past, and now it is reacquiring its pride and power. Isometric falls under the axonometric animation, where 3D objects are rendered using 2D effects. It overall creates an engaging animation.

For both the 2D and 3D effects, we are using this technique for better outcomes. The simplicity and the perfect usage of objects and colors make this method quite attractive.


  1. 3. Glitch Effects


3D Animation trends in 2019


Remember the old TV displaying rainbow colors and patterns? It is not just thrown away in the past. In 2019, this vibrant technique is repurposed to create energetic animations. It is now widely used in all sorts of designing strategies.

Glitch effects are done using the tweaking of grain and noise. Grains are used to improve picture quality and noise help to persist the visual malformation. This malformation elements make the animation a natural look and make it more appealing.


  1. 4. Combination of 2D and 3D animation


The designers are in search of innovation and methodologies to deliver the most elegant user experience. From the billion worth commercials to the budgetary ads, they are putting together some new techniques to drive the audience.

One of such best option is the usage of 2D and 3D combination. It was prevalent before a couple of years back, but now it is getting energized. Several techniques are using for this purpose. Here are few among them.

  • Blending 2D and 3D images
  • Coinciding 2D images over 3D Footages
  • Combing 2D drawn elements with 3D footage


  1. 5. Liquid Motion


3D Animation trends in 2019


Liquid motion is another method implemented to create a better look in 3D animation. It makes smooth transitions and improves screen presence. The movement of the visuals in the screen seems to be more natural in this technique.

Usually, the grains were used to make the animation, but it creates a rigid and static appearance. While using the Liquid motion, each element attains a level of free flow energy and gets reflected on the screen. The animation created using the Liquid motion reaches directly to the heart of the audience, thus minimizes the effort to communicate the message.


  1. 6. Typography


Typography refers to the way how the text gets merged with the animation. For marketing campaigns, commercials, and branding, it plays an important role.

We have these three different categories under typography effects.

  • Kinetic Typography
  • Big and Bold Typography
  • Broken Text effects

Broken text: It is another common technique now prevalent in the designing field. No exception in the case of 3D animation too. Typically, this broken text conveys energetic and young thoughts, and one of the great advantages is that we can express the meaning of the words too.


3D Animation trends in 2019



Kinetic Typography: It is offering freedom for the designers to make moving text. It may reflect the meaning of the words and is the best method to display the emotions too.

Big and Bold Typography: It helps to gain the attention of the audience quickly to the animation. No more effort is needed to introduce something to the viewer once this method gets implemented.

  1. 7. Retro Motion Design


3D Animation trends in 2019


Retro evokes the nostalgic feelings in the viewers. Perhaps it is considered as the king in the olden creative days, yet it managed to regain its strength in the age of Visual Effects too.

Many creative heads are combining the Retro with the VFX to get exceptional output. Even with the usage of pure Retro, you can create the magic of animation.

Surrealism: It is one of the greatest animation trends that use CGI imagery. It blends photo-realistic elements with supernatural images to create a fantasy world.


  1. 8. Morphing

Morphing is the safest option to create a storytelling pattern. It shapes the transition from one concept to another quite naturally. This easiness makes the morphing more popular among the creative teams. It makes use of different elements to bring together under the same graphics.

In short, it executes the success-story by conveying messages with high effectiveness. With a limited period, you can express a lot using morphing.


Let’s Move!

Now we have covered the techniques in 3D animation trends that got energized in 2019. If you compare these trends with the methods in the previous year, you can notice the glimpses of throwback practices. Some inclinations that constrained on a particular period emerged as the most hiking trend. We cannot predict what will overlay the other since everything is getting changed with time.

Now its the time to update your sites and advertising campaigns with the latest 3D Animation Trends and techniques. For no doubt, it will attract the audience and improves your brand value. So let’s move.



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