Commerce Experience

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Commerce Experience

Compelling Designs to Drive Traffic, Increase Conversion and Retain Customers

We’ve been designing high-performing websites for over a decade, and E-Commerce sites are at the core of our expertise. We focus on creating strategic, compelling designs that deliver unique experiences, drive purchases, and enhanced user experience.

Fields of Expertise

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E-commerce Website Design

Indulge into the intuitive navigation, beautiful store designs, responsiveness, and the flexible checkout options out eCommerce web designs can offer you

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E-commerce Mobile App Design

Invest in the advanced technologies to build top-notch mobile app designs that enhance customer engagement through custom-made and highly interactive models

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E-commerce PWA

Give customers an unparalleled user experience to augment conversion rates, customer loyalty, loading times, engagement rates, etc. through an app-like interaction

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Ecommerce Website/App Revamp

Present a fresh outlook to your eCommerce website which matches business changes, customer preferences and market trends, thereby enabling ease of shopping

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Ecommerce Product Photo/Video Production

Portray a great brand impression to convey visual appeal and quality of products to hook customers swiftly through product photo/video production services

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Ecommerce Design Support and Maintenance

Offer an amazing in-store experience to the users through regular and efficient support and maintenance services for eCommerce storefront design


We conduct user research to realise what the users need with an eCommerce website/app. With knowledge on browsing and purchasing behaviour, we list the user-specific goal of using the platform.

We further plan the structure and layout of the eCommerce store. This includes understanding the placement of search bars, navigation options, product categories, and the other core elements.

This speaks close to the final product based on the visual design of the eCommerce store. It includes adding the visual language, brand features, colours and typography to the visual design.

In UI/UX scenario, we adopt user flow to specify the path a user chooses while performing any action or interacting with the eCommerce store. It includes the set of steps that lead to the final action, eg.purchase.

Being the soul of the design process, the visual design factor incorporates all the tangible elements to construct the final digital product. To enhance the aesthetic style of the store, we work on the basic elements of visual design.

In the development handover stage, we submit prototypes, mockups, and the required documentation to the developers team. Once submitted, it marks the process to begin the engineering process.

In the final stage of eCommerce design, we enable QA and validation to review the new releases. This makes sure the releases shake hands with the business goals, accessibility criteria and overall user experience.

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A great ecommerce design speaks everything about using the right set of fonts, colours, images, graphics and words you can use to convince the visitors for a purchase. The ecommerce web design should attract the customers, offer stunning user experience and portray the store in the best light possible.

eCommerce experience defines the overall user experience, where how the customers can perceive their interactions with the brand. Customer experience is a broad classification that encompasses offline and online experiences, right from the first time a customer knows about your company throughout the post-purchase process.

Your website serves as the initial interaction users have with your business, making its design crucial for leaving a lasting impression. A well-designed website not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also significantly influences the overall user experience. In contrast, a poorly designed site can lead to user dissatisfaction and increased chances of them opting for competitors. To stay ahead of the competition, it's essential to invest in innovative web design, as your rivals are likely doing the same to attract more customers and boost sales.

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