Google Analytics GA4 – What’s New?

Google Analytics GA4 – What’s New?

By Vishal Kumar, data-driven Performance Marketing Analyst crafting impactful content with strategic insights to drive engagement and superior results.
  • Published in Blog on March 26, 2021
  • Last Updated on January 11, 2024
  • 5 min read
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    A major upgrade in the UI of your favourite digital marketing tool can sometimes be a bummer. But then, there’s always tons of new features to look out for, especially when it’s from Google.

    The new Google Analytics GA4 has brought multiple changes in the UI as well as the distinctive ways in which tracking data are displayed on your screen. It may not be a treat for the eyes of the users of the Universal Version, but for others, there’s something cool to look forward to. Google has never let us down. Curious much? Let’s cut the chase!

    Here is the list of all the major changes in the latest version of Google Analytics.

    Fresh Interface

    Honestly, the old UI was pretty tiresome. Thanks to Google, we now have a fresh look and some new features to explore! Certain changes in alignments and Parameters are obviously  the first things that one would notice.

    Also, you would notice that each tab on your left panel, would have an option to view the performance summary as well as the detailed metrics of your Website. The boring old view is long gone. The interface is organized to give you the data that matters first!

    Google Analytics

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    New Settings Tab

    Existing users of Google Analytics Universal may already have noticed the change in the Interface. Nothing major, but you now see that the settings tab now contains only 2 columns instead of 3 which was present in the previous versions.

    • Accounts
    • Properties.

    Don’t worry. All the settings that you desire are still available. Just navigate through the sections and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

    Google Analytics

    New Parameters & Event Trackers

    Isn’t customisation the key to bringing a great user experience? The GA4 has introduced several new filters for retrieving the data you only need. For example, if you want to track the organic engagements on your website, just go to ‘Engagement’ on the new GA4 interface. Select Pages & Screens – All Users (default) – Page path and screen class, Include User Medium, search ‘organic’ and voila! The data is on your screen!

    Google Analytics

    You can also track events as a whole depending upon the hits that you receive on your website. Be warned that the data on the previous version and current version would be different. But we can assure you that the received data is more accurate than in the previous versions as Google AI uses more parameters to track your hits.

    The conversions on your apps will be calculated within the events on your Analytics account. In other words, you can track combined conversion data received on your Website and Application. This can help in easier and precise calculation of the online conversions under one roof. You can also create conversions from events in a single click. How cool is that!

    Google Analytics

    Advanced Machine Learning

    We are all suckers for data accuracy, aren’t we? Innovation is a continuous process and there will always be something better. For now, the GA4 is your best option. Inaccurate data leads to inaccurate decisions, miscalculations in your projections and in turn, affect your business performance to a great extent. The math was done. The latest version brings about a much more power packed machine learning technology and advanced algorithms.

    So basically, the Google AI tracks your previous performances and advertising behaviour and calculates to a much progressive future projection, which means your data is more precise than ever.

    Google Analytics

    Powerful Customer Behaviour Tracking

    The new update understands better the browsing behaviour of your prospects through Analytics Intelligence. For example, if the user is usually a person who browses a lot of e-commerce websites but buys less products, Google will categorize within its intelligence, the shopping capacity, quantity and eye towards popular brands. Such users could potentially lead to waste of money and hence they would be placed in a separate granular section.

    But of course, the combinations of several aspects decide the buying behaviour of an individual. The Artificial Brain is truly analysing the different fusions of demographics and behaviours to push the software to achieve perfection.

    What’s good is that the Ad Campaigns you create could first reach the prospect with higher possibility of purchasing/booking your product. Well of course, your budget needs to hit a significant level as well. When you invest more, you earn more.

    New Visualizers for Data Representation

    Google Analytics

    Graphs & charts are sometimes difficult to interpret. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences but we are often restricted by the terms of availability. Cheers to the new UI, you can select your own visualization of your data through Data Streaming. Pi Charts, Bar Chart, Scatter Plot, Donut Chart, Table, Geo Maps etc are available depending upon the nature of your business and goals.

    New Dimensions for Quick Reference

    You can also set the metrics that need to be compared on the graph.

    For example, New Visitors vs Existing Visitors, New Users vs Total Sessions, Average Session Duration vs Daily Sessions etc. You and your clients can now get further clarity on your business performance. After all, we deserve only the best results!

    Google Analytics

    Cross-Domain Tracking

    If you are an owner of a website with subdomains, you won’t be needing any customized codes for each domain. You can find the data across all your domains under a single roof of the New Google Analytics 4. This is surely a great news for all businesses with multiple brands.

    Google Analytics

    The New Analytics Tracking Code

    You might also want to know that your tracking snippets would need replacement. Fetch the new analytics tracking snippets as usual and embed them on your website. You can find more new features of Google Analytics 4 here. The new code is a universal one. Which means a single code for tracking the entire events under a website. You can have a precise look on the number of hits received on any events. You can either install the tag manually if you are a developer.

    Google Analytics

    Others can use the Google Tag Manager for easier integration of the code into your website. Just go to the GTM, Select GA4 Configuration, paste the code / ID found in “Data Streams” and then select the option “All Pages”. Save the Changes and you’re good to go.

    Google Analytics

    How to Upgrade to the New Version of GA4?

    For people who are unwilling to accept the change, don’t worry. Google won’t force you to switch to the new version, at least not anytime soon. The data that you receive would not be wrong, but who doesn’t have room for precision?

    For the rest, you must already be using the latest version probably. Check your version. If not, just navigate to your settings tab and you will find a GA4 Setup Assistant option under the Property Tab. Select ‘Get Started’ and choose “Create New Google Analytics Property” and then follow the instructions that follow.

    Google Analytics

    It would be wise to read the complete instructions as nobody explains the modifications in the tool better (which could otherwise cause confusion). The new campaigns launched will be displayed in the new interface whereas the data of the older campaigns might have missing parameters as they were unavailable then.

    “You can use both Google Analytics Universal as well as Google Analytics 4 in the same account.”

    Still Need Help?

    You can always get in touch with our team of experts who are ready to assist you on the line. Right from setting up your website, to the maintenance and generation of reports of your online venture, we assist you in driving maximum returns at minimum costs.

    There are probably tons of other hidden features working on the new platform. What do you think about the new UI? Enlighten us if you have discovered a new feature. How has the new interface helped your business?

    Let’s discuss it!