How to Pitch eCommerce Business

How to Pitch eCommerce Business

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  • March 24,2015
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The 21st century business demands an online presence as it allows creating a magical shopping experience to its every single customer. Customers have got passionate to this new trend and keep on enjoying the ease of being able to browse products from the comfort of their homes.

The wave of eCommerce brings changes in the lifestyle of new generation, now no one wants to spend their time for shopping as everything simply is available in just a click away. If you wish to pitch your eCommerce business then for sure you need to follow certain tips:

Love your customer:

  • To achieve your online eCommerce business focus on “Customer Centric Business”. Value your customer above all.
  • To make your online users more comfortable, ensure that your eCommerce website is responsive.
  • Comfort the customer with a quick response. This is the best and perfect way to convince them. Say for example, after booking the service / product comfort the customer with quick response (email / notification), including the product description, price and expected shipping time.

Make them shop- at- ease

  • Mind these lines, “If customers face difficulty in understanding what-is-what in the website, he won’t stay long”. So a plausible UX should be one of your prime motives.
  • Make your store simple and professional. Use a heading and be aware that let it be in simple and clear language and also let it mention why the product is worthy.
  • Use product description that crowns the product perfectly.

Offer plenty to start with

  • Attract your consumers with additional benefits like free shipping, special offers
  • Make best use of coupons codes like promotional modules.
  • The crucial reason why people focus on online purchase is the price fluctuation. They staunchly relay on the concept that they can find their needs with a price that can’t be beat.

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Publicize testimonials

Include testimonials to comfort the prospective consumers.  Along with the testimonials include interesting information about the company. This is the finest way to persuade the consumers that you will be around them form the word go.

Go Social

  • Make best use of Social Media Plugins.
  • Newsletter, Posts in Timeline attracts considerable amount of traffic to your e-Store.

People judge the book by the cover

  • Similarly people do judge your site by its design. For attracting your customer don’t follow trends but just make eye catching, appealing, friendly and up to date designs.
  • To attract your customer make sure that your ecommerce store is having high quality images, owing to the fact that images can tell the story about the product

Bottomline (the red lettered lines in the world of eCommerce)

Finally don’t make a full stop after running the website, despite make testing to identify the factors that hinder your website and its profit. Remember that the best practices are the initial stage and the real taste of pitching your eCommerce business can be achieved only through continued testing.