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May 24, 2019 | By Webandcrafts

The Ultimate Check List Of Back-End Developer Skills

A successful website launch makes great applause, and the credit gets divided with the people associated with the project. But for a great extent, the credit deserves for the Back end developer who structures and build the inner strength of the site.
The ever-changing dynamic nature of back-end development creates an unstable scenario in front of the developers. But to thrive in these facts and to achieve the success story means a lot for the risk takers.
To become a growing Back end developer, one should have a basic understanding of programming languages and should be expert in any of the core coding language. In order to work with the API and database, a strong base in the programming language will be a necessary
Apart from the technical side, what all Back-end developer skills are necessary? Let’s move in detail.


Server Side Programming Language


Server-side-Programming-back end developer skills


Server-side programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, etc. seems to be the backbone for the back-end development. One who is having in-depth knowledge in this area can easily get a bright career in the software development domain. We have more than 20 server-side programming languages and gaining expertise in any one of the lists will be an added resource. We have PHP, ASP, RUBY, Python, Java, C#, etc. as the programming languages. Choose the one that suits you well. When the browser sends a request to the server, it gets executed there, and the necessary data from the database are also get fetched. It is the server side codes that work with this process. One who is having in-depth knowledge in the programming language can easily cope up with these requests.



For several years, we are aware of the hike of this AR and VR. Many people are assuming that these factors will move into the barely used technology list. But the words from Bondoc says everything. He states that the need for this technology will hike to double the size mainly in the consumer markets. A back-end developer with this technology seems to be a crucial factor in the coming years.




back end developer skills


To store the data of every website, we need the database. It is a collection of tables and sheets with predefined rows and columns. To enter, edit, and delete the entries in the database, we need a set queries to get executed. One who is having the basic knowledge of these queries can make the workflow easier.
Some of the database programs include MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server, etc. The art of writing the queries can achieve by daily practice. One who gets some extra scores in the database can revert the career to the database management technologies.


Soft Skills


back end developer skills


Communication Skill

Apart from the technical Back-end developer skills, a developer should have some soft skills to get communicated with the team and with the clients. According to Bondoc, “A back-end developer can be considered as the interpreter between humans and machines.” So the developer should understand the necessity of clients and should convert it into codes that the machine can read.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and problem-solving back-end developer skills play an essential role in the success story of any developer. In every phase of development, you may encounter with decision fatigue and an important thought process can address these issues.
The developer should think from all aspects, and even the out of box think the process can deliver the best results.


What are the Software Development jobs available now?


Here are the software development jobs that can choose for your career.

Full Stack Developer: A full stack developer should work with the front end and back end of the website. He should know server, network, and hosting environment; relational and nonrelational databases; interacting with APIs; user interface and user experience; quality assurance; security; customer and business needs.

Mobile Developer: A mobile developer is supposed to develop mobile applications. He should have the knowledge Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS and C# for Windows Phone.

Back-End Developer: Back-End developer responsibility includes the functionality and interactivity of the website. If we relate the website to a vehicle, the back end developing is just like the engine. If it is strong and reliable, the vehicle can move a long distance without wear and tear. Same in the case of the website too.


What are the Key responsibilities of a Back-End developer?


back end developer skills


A Back end developer works in hand with the Front-End developer to create a reliable user experience for the website. He should make the logic and various ways to handle the database. It is the responsibility of the developer to optimize the website for efficiency and speed. Also, he should make a reliable solution with the database.

We have covered the essential responsibilities and work areas of Back-End developer. Apart from the written schemes and rules, he should also put some self-motivation and effort to accomplish the career. As a junior programmer, you don’t need to get overwhelmed with lots of data and information. But in the meanwhile, you should nurture your skills to expand the back end picture of your project.
The programming and technical Back-end developer skills will lead you to achieve a lot in your career and never forget to train your soft skills too. It will help you to collaborate effectively with your co-workers and even with the clients.

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