A User-Friendly Website for a Promising Legacy of Medical Cure

Amrita, the leading healthcare provider, approached WAC for an optimised and user-friendly website to transform their digital presence. Our team developed a bespoke website with high functionality and a user-centric experience to scale the efficacy of their healthcare services.

  • Language

    Next.js / Node.js / Headless

  • Timescale

    20 Week

  • Launch Date

    May 2023

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Stepping Into Success With a Digital Revolution in Healthcare

The client wanted to incorporate modern and versatile features within the website, which can make the caregiving experience easier. With the vision of making appointments hassle-free and finding the concerned doctor quickly, it was necessary to develop a customised website with a user-friendly interface.

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Increased number of appointments across medical departments


Increased daily website users


Improved Search Ranking Position


Seamless Healthcare With Connected Experience

Our collaboration with Amrita Hospital has been an opportunity to fulfil their vision of setting them apart from the competition and leaving a lasting impression on their target audience. They required a corporate website for their hospital, with custom booking modules and the provision to conduct a short checkup to ask for a second opinion.

Apart from the generic website requirements, they wanted to make patient login easier, which will make booking appointments quicker. They also wanted the website to provide a seamless transition between their two hospitals: Kochi and Faridabad, and wanted the full list of doctors available to be published so that the patients could find the doctor they wanted to make an appointment with.

The client wanted to include a feature on the website to let patients choose a speciality and view the doctors available. We were entrusted with the task of meeting all the essential requirements while optimising the website for increased traffic.

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Dedicated Website That Aligns With Client’s Expectations

Building a custom-tailored website with all the features the client envisioned within a short time was quite challenging. We had adopted a faster development cycle and a well-laid plan to ensure that the services delivered were of the highest quality. Designing the website while accommodating all the essential accessibility features within the stipulated time was a major concern. But with teamwork and dedication, we were able to overcome this hurdle.


Faster loading speeds while maintaining ease-of-use.

Visually Appealing

A distinguished website with exceptional design.

Data Protection

Prioritised security updates against cyber threats.

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Voyage Towards the Creation of an Optimised Website

Our experts were able to meet the client's expectation of creating an ideal website that perfectly satisfies all the requirements. Through developing a corporate website that portrays all the required features, we could enhance their overall user experience. Patient login was made easy, which also helped users book appointments through the site.

The site has enabled a feature to help patients choose between the hospitals Amrita has in Kochi and Faridabad. With custom modules, the patients could effectively choose doctors for the particular speciality and schedule appointments. A symptom checker has also been incorporated into the site that lets visitors gain valuable insights into their health concerns.

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Deciding on the Right Technology That ‘Cares’

The website’s technology was thoughtfully selected with all of the client's requirements in mind. Drupal is a powerful content management system that has the ability to craft extraordinary digital experiences. With its robust features and flexible architecture, Drupal gave us the freedom to unleash creativity and deliver exceptional results.

React is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of developing a well-structured architecture that facilitates seamless testing. Thus, our team made the strategic decision to use React for front-end development and Drupal for back-end development.

Amirtha Home

Support patients through every phase and every journey, all through one powerful global digital health platform.

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A Shift to a Smarter and Engaging Healthcare Website

Amrita Hospital expressed delight and satisfaction in the quality and efforts of our team. The ease of online appointment bookings saw a tremendous increase in the number of visitors. This also improved the process as patients received more clarity on the availability of doctors, choosing between them and scheduling the right consultation time without having to physically wait in long queues. This policy has helped patients receive quick attention and be more aware of the services the hospital offers at a glance.

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Amrita Hospitals is a leading multi-specialist facility renowned in South Asia. Founded by Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in 1998, they are committed to making top-tier healthcare accessible to all. Their mission centres around creating a compassionate healing environment, ensuring every patient receives respect and empathetic treatment.

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