VStar’s eCommerce Space Expansion with Enhanced Usability

VStar is a premium brand and well-known seller of men’s and women’s innerwear collections that upgrade your style. The client sought WAC’s assistance to expand the eCommerce business into a competitive online apparel retail space. Through a full-fledged website revamp, we improved website visibility, appeal, sales, and performance for a top-notch user experience

  • Language

    Magento PWA Studio / Headless / PHP

  • Timescale

    16 Week

  • Launch Date

    May 2022

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Achieving a Complete Sales-Driven Brand Transformation

Being the online retailer of high-quality innerwear and lingerie for both men and women, VStar wanted to revamp their website with an added sense of aestheticity and functionality. The eCommerce website focused on a strong online presence, with increased online visibility and customers’ interests, thereby enhancing business profits. WAC has collaborated with VStar to help them take the website an extra mile by increasing engagement and website traffic, which has improved the business’s sales. 



Custom Storefronts for Brand New Outlook

Though the brand is well-positioned in the South Indian market, having a new outlook for the website was necessary to give them an edge in the online fashion marketplace. They focused on building custom storefront layouts and making an overall improvement in brand outreach. In addition to the revamp in the website layout, design, and functions, the client also emphasised a fresh touch in other related services such as content writing, SEO, digital marketing, and performance marketing services. 

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Webandcrafts, led by a young visionary from Kerala, has quickly evolved, thanks to their high-quality content and design. I extend my best wishes to Abin for continued growth and success.

Kochouseph Chittilappilly
Founder, Chairman and CEO
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Clearing Roadblocks to Simplify Online Shopping

Redefining the existing website and giving it a novel outlook was the crucial aspect to be considered. The overall result after the implementation of the suggested ideas and the changing trends can directly affect the brand's value. Developing a new custom site with a key focus on front-end development to increase sales posed a major challenge.


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‘WAC’ Touch of Creating Captivating User Experience

Our deep understanding of technology and the expertise of the team made it possible to comprehend the requirements, take a business savvy-approach, and carry on website development to ultimately help the client shape the project. Since we offered a flexible service as always, we welcomed the changing requirements of the dynamic yet evolving project. This has allowed the changes in scope to implement a perfect revamp of the website. Through features for user profile creation, options to browse collections, and user-friendly filters, we have made the process of reaching your favourite products easy. 

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Technological Approach to Building a Flexible Online Store

With ReactJs for frontend development, we have achieved the best responsive user interface. We have utilised Magento for the backend development, which makes the eCommerce websites fast, optimised, and user-friendly. With its rich UI/UX features, the website has made it easy for customers to navigate to the point of purchase. Through the optimised features, responsive design, and ease of shopping capabilities of the website, conversion rates, brand outreach, and sales have improved significantly. 



Features That Got Shopping Right!

Working on the appearance, functionality, and usability of the website was altogether an interesting experience. We kept the key focus on simplifying the user’s browsing and shopping journey through quick buying options, clickable buttons, and redirecting pages.  This makes it easy to choose the product that is right for you—use the filters to select category, gender, price, size, colour, etc.—which helps the user add the exact product to their bag. Other options include adding the product to the bag, checking delivery with a pin code, and viewing the details before confirming the order, to make the store feature-rich and highly engaging.



Unparalleled Customer Experiences with Remarkable User Interface

The major focus of the client was increasing sales and, thereby, improving conversion rates. Our team worked on the requirement and created custom-built solutions to facilitate the ease of online shopping through appealing storefronts. The website's functionality, speed, and ease of navigation have paved the way for increased purchase rates and customer engagement while also providing excellent design support to make the user experience exceptional. Through the option to find the nearest VStar store, the business outreach to local brick-and-mortar stores was also improved. 

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With the value-driven principles of V-Guard, VStar has emerged as the well-known brand for lifestyle products promoted by Mrs. Sheela Kochouseph. Being the top innerwear brand in the Middle East and South India, VStar offers a trendy spread of innerwear for men, women, and children.

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