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10 Important factors you should not avoid while designing a website.

A website not only represents a company, but it is mainly a place for bestowing service and selling products. Before moving on to designing a website, it is essential to know what a website is. According to Wikipedia, a website is a collection of related network web resources, such as web pages, multimedia content, which are typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. According to The ROBO Economy, 56% of online shoppers read reviews before making any purchase and 45% of brick-and-mortar buyers read reviews before making any purchase. This kind of buying behaviour emphasizes the importance of having a website to make customers aware of your product. Making a website is pretty easy these days. But the real challenge is to make the website attractive by having an engaging website design. Many factors count when it comes to website designing.


Your website should be comprised of not so complicated facts. The website should present information in a clear, error-free, credible and straightforward manner. Suppose if a user needs the contact information of your company, place the information in such a way that it is easily accessible to the user. Usability is a factor which determines how long a visitor stays on a website. Contents which are not relevant or which doesn’t match with the type of business you are into should be avoided. It helps to ensure better user experience.


Visitors always look for relevant content. The moment a user visits your website, you only have a few minutes left with you to impress your visitor. Writing informative and impressive content will enhance users, visiting the website. Original and high-quality content is what a good website should have. Equal emphasis should be laid to echo your brand’s unique voice. SEO-friendly content will considerably improve the ranking of your website. Creating content that is compelling and engaging should be your motto.


Website speed is a crucial factor that can determine the success of your website. Avoid images, videos that takes too much time to load. If a page doesn’t load within a couple of seconds, the probability of user leaving the website are pretty high. Such an action from the user increases the bounce rate percentage, which can harm your SEO optimization strategies. To prevent such a situation, it is advised to test your website speed regularly.



When it comes to website designing how you present yourself to the visitor’s matters a lot. Subsequently, your visitors would judge your website by looking at the overall website appearance, design, content etc. Elements like images, videos, colour, font, spacing matters. Simplicity improves the overall performance of your website. Don’t overcrowd your website, which makes it difficult for the visitor to read. Unquestionably, a website should be comprised of three things- Readable, Professional and Appealing. The quality design expresses your competence and professionalism.



As a matter of fact, if you fail to offer a better user experience, don’t expect the user to come back to your website. Retention of visitors can be ensured through a well-crafted layout. Good layout paves the way for better navigation. As said earlier, too much irrelevant information will lead to difficult navigation. For all of those reasons add a sitemap through which your visitors could easily navigate trouble-free. Following this, get rid of underperforming pages, which increases website loading time. This factors would work well to obtain effective navigation. 

SEO friendly

Any website designing for that matter must make sure that the design is SEO friendly. Incorporate keywords in content that are only appropriate. Pick keywords with utmost care since search engines show the results according to the usage of the keyword. Likewise, it’s unfair to use a lot of keywords. For all of those reasons, add articles and blogs to enhance more traffic. Keep in mind to use important keywords within the permissible limits of repetition.
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Mobile friendly

Mobile phones have the benefit of instant browsing, and more and more people turn to mobile devices in order to conduct online searches. Coupled with that ensuring whether your device is mobile-friendly or not is important for retaining visitors. Issues like unusable or unreadable on the phone will immediately impact the way you lose your visitors. Consequently, your website could be ranked at lower search results. For all of those reasons, it is imperative to produce a separate, mobile-friendly website which works well. 

Call to action

As a matter of fact, Call-to-action interests your potential viewer if they are really impressed with your website. A call-to-action paves the way for better business, and you give an indication of how can they approach you. Keep in mind the various colours and content when you design a call-to-action. Generally speaking, Call-to-actions comprise of the inquiry form, Sign up form, contact info, social media links, mail-id etc. Try to include a call-to-action on every page of the website since customers don’t have to search for long.


Your website has to provide the best functionality when it comes to website designing. Users will notice the functionality of the website if your website pleases them. Above all, a non-functional website will increase the luck of your competitors if a user is disappointed with your less-functional website. Issues like loading time, incomplete description, and even broken links are barriers to creating the most competent website. Subsequently, go through your website as though you are viewing it from the eyes of your user.


Viewers will be really impressed with your website when it has a good design. Sometimes design stands out but fails in some areas like content, speed, functionality, etc. But actually what people remember is the design of your website, which is the imperative factor for retention of the customer. A user will definitely come back if your website impressed them. As a matter of fact, your design should be consistent with the branding and the message which you convey. 

So to sum up, a brilliantly designed website will defeat your competitors and increases more visitors. Customers should be engaged in terms of the site’s usability, content, design and motivate to call-to-action. Expanding your business should be the ultimate target, along with pleasing your readers and capture their attention. It’s not about the beauty of the website, but the purpose of the website that matters since many visitors fall for beautiful website designs.



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