Trending Technologies 2016

Trending Technologies 2016

  • Published in Blog on September 26, 2016
  • Last Updated on January 04, 2024
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    The whole world is now connected and everyday routines depend more on devices. Technological advancements bring in a faster way of living. Smart and intelligent machines, innovations in IT industry and digital revolution rewrites the way of communication and business.

    The year 2016 witnessed a great deal of technological advancements. Few of the trends are discussed below.

    1. Smarter Machines


    Now, machines are getting smarter everyday and having the latest and advanced machine is the best way to be smart with work and business. Smart machines utilise latest technology and boosts productivity and efficiency.

    • Information of Everything (IoE)

    Information of Everything (IoE) is the next phase of information aggregation, which ensures that a piece of information or data is available about everything. IoE ensures to connect isolated, incomplete data for better accessibility and easy interpretation.

    • Advanced Machine Learning


    This is a fast evolving area where organisations should be very keen to understand it and use it for competitive advantage. By introducing more analytics and statistical learning machines become more intelligent.

    • Autonomous agents and things

    In order to facilitate a more comfortable user experience, autonomous agents like robots, virtual personal assistants (VPAs), autonomous vehicles, artificial life agents etc. are introduced.

    2. The New IT Reality

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    The new IT reality opens a door to understand how digital technology can deliver next – step change in society. Change is constant and each advancement helps to stay closer to the world.

    • Adaptive security architecture

    As the digital advancements open a higher reachability to data and operations, it is the necessity of each organisation to protect themselves from advanced hackers. Adaptive security architecture covers from digital complexities.

    • Advanced system Architecture

    The ultra- efficient- neuromorphic architectures will help machines think more like human brains and to solve intense and complex computations effectively. Systems developed on Graphics processing units (GPUs) and field- programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are also falls under advanced system architecture.

    • Mesh app and service architecture

    This helps in understanding the user’s requirement and provides a continuous digital experience analysing different information and data the user related to.

    • IoT architecture and platforms


    The inter networking of physical things makes life more easier and faster. It helps in managing, controlling, communicating and securing different end points. It integrates physical world to computer-based systems.

    3. The digital mesh

    Digital mesh is a combination of physical and virtual environments that carry data. It connects the real world to the digital world.

    • The device mesh


    There is a significant development in the area of digital devices advancement. More and more innovative and high-tech devices are introduced every day.

    • Ambient user experience

    Introduction of technology brings in more comfort and ambient user experience. Technology helps in understanding the exact need of customers and to serve their requirements.

    • 3D printing materials


    This field has got a tremendous growth where it helps in making physical models from three- dimensional digital models. Introduction of biological 3D printing converts theory to reality.

    If we list down a single day schedule, we understand how much we are connected to devices, information, apps, services etc. When all decisions and growth depends on the piece of information available, it is important to be intelligent and smart with technology.