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Social Media Management

Expert Social Media Management Services to Build Connections & Collaborations

Social Media forms the most accessible platform to interact with your target audience and build your brand identity across vast demographics and locations. With social media marketing services, we strategize and create relevant content across channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn enabling users to take favorable action towards your business goals. Being the top social media marketing agency in India, our social media management helps build trust and reliability for your brand. Webandcrafts provides a comprehensive social media management plan for your business to build and maintain its brand reputation.

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Marketing metrics offer support for improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Are you eager to know the most important metrics we emphasise? Here we go!

Social media profile optimization.svg

Profile Optimisation

Involves the creation of your social media profile and updating relevant business information like brand logo, contact information, and a brief about your business to effectively communicate brand image and enhance visibility.
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Social Media Planning

Selecting the ideal social platform depends on industry and business type. Planning involves defining the KPI of your business, the outline of your content, the approach of your posts, the preparation of social media calendar and lots more.
Content creation.svg

Content Creation

Witness the creativity buzz in your social media accounts and keep your followers interactive with content that engages your audience. Each sentence is a heartfelt story, breathing life into ideas and fostering connections among people.
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Community Management

Provides instant responses to any comments, messages to keep the interaction going. This results in a higher conversion rate while building a strong community of engaged followers.
Graphic design.svg

Graphic Designing

A dedicated team of designers at WAC awaits to curate your design demands to fabricate a work of art that defines your brand. Design your brand, one pixel at a time and start making impressions.
2D animation.svg

2D Animation

We develop animated clips and explainer videos that engage your audience with motion graphics in your creatives with artistic style and visuals. Animate your visions to open endless possibilities.
3D visualisation.svg

3D Visualisation

Bring out the depth in your social media posts with creatives with immersive three-dimensional digital representations that engage with your audience and enhance storytelling.
Posting and scheduling.svg

Posting and Scheduling

A well-timed social media post ensures a higher interaction rate among your audience. Schedule your posts for future dates and never miss an opportunity to interact with your followers.


As the best social media marketing agency, our team identifies what we can achieve with the help of social media, which includes aspects like brand awareness, lead generation, increasing website traffic, and engaging with a specific audience.
Through comprehensive audience research, we understand the demographics, interests, behaviours, and pain points of the target audience.
Being the leading social media marketing company, we engage in choosing platforms that have potential audiences to serve the ads and also align with the goals of the client.
With a holistic strategy that describes your content plan, engagement tactics, and posting schedule, we align your social media strategy with your business goals. We also focus on the content, frequency of posting, and tone of conveying the message to the audience.
By offering the reliable social media marketing service in India, our team emphasises developing high-quality content that provides value to your audience. This can include blog posts, articles, images, videos, and more.
We engage in choosing platforms that have potential audiences to serve the ads and also align with the goals of the client.
With the top social media marketing services and social media analytics tools, we track the performance of posts and campaigns.
We run paid social media advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience or boost specific posts.
Through engagement campaigns, user-generated content, and host contests or giveaways, we collaborate with influencers or partners.
Being the evolving social media marketing company in India regularly evaluates the social media strategy to see what's working and what needs improvement.
Our team closely analyses the processes to ensure that your social media activities comply with platform guidelines and legal regulations.
By comparing the goals to the actual outcomes, we offer reliable social media management services and measure the ROI of the social media efforts.
As continuous learning helps us stay updated and evolve, we work on constructive learning to stay in adherence to social media trends, algorithm changes, and best practices.

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Plan & Pricing


Suitable for Startups
  • 2 Social Channels

  • 10 Creatives Monthly

  • 2 Gifs/Short Video

  • 1 Engagement Campaign

SEO, Social, and PPC tools:

Competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, and more


Suitable for MSME
  • 4 Social Channels

  • 15 Creatives Monthly

  • 5 Gifs/Short Video

  • 2 Engagement Campaign

SEO, Social, and PPC tools:

Competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, and more


Suitable for Large Organizations
  • 6+ Social Channels

  • 20+ Creatives Monthly

  • 5+ Gifs/Short Video

  • 2+ Engagement Campaign

SEO, Social, and PPC tools:

Competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, and more

Case Studies


We have expertise in the social media platforms based on the trend and number of users. Instagram and Facebook hold the largest share of social media along with LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. We manage all the popular social media platforms across the globe.
Certainly! We always deliver a customised social media plan for each of our clients because every business is unique and not every platform is the right platform to showcase your business.
Definitely! Your followers are on constant watch for offers and promotions, and we love to spill the beans for you through highly engaging creatives and posts.
Social media managers are responsible for the development of strategies in their social media marketing services to improve followers, building and monitoring social campaigns, creating content, reviewing analytics and holding collaboration with the stakeholders of the firm.
If you run a business and you don’t find adequate time to dedicate yourself for the social media accounts, social media management services can help you. It’s worth it if you can hire a social media manager and grow brand awareness. With social media services, you can connect and grow relationships with the new and existing customers, and drive more traffic to the website.
We work based on the idea of connecting with the audience and improving the engagement to make the users well aware about the product or service you promote. Through social media management services, we focus on making the content of social media profiles pleasing to gain more visitors. Our social media optimisation services help you make the right use of social media marketing, avoid the general pitfalls, and implement the right social media optimisation along with the strategies.
Businesses owners and digital marketers know that social media is an inevitable part of digital strategy. Being the social media marketing agency in India, we implement the overarching social media strategy, post and schedule content, engage with the users, respond to the comments of the customers, and manage the paid advertising campaigns.
With the services from the leading social media marketing company in India, you can ensure that the content is custom-tailored to meet the preferences of the target audience. You also never miss the opportunity to engage and communicate with the customers. We also manage social media while also taking care of the budget. Depending on the priorities, we divide the organic and paid social media marketing budget.

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