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Data - Driven Insights for Business Success

Performance measurement remains an undisputed call to action in every industry. Keeping track of your KPIs helps determine the growth and overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across the web. At Webandcrafts, we leverage the leading measurement tools for data analysis to deliver clear-cut insights into your business performance - right from the moment of publishing the ads until the end of the campaign period. Analytics helps any business make futuristic decisions based on their current performance. It helps your business overcome obstacles by mining out the flaws and implementing appropriate solutions, thereby eliminating loopholes.


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Web & Mobile Analytics Implementation

Gain valuable insights into user engagement, conversion paths, and platform usability through effective Web and mobile Analytics Implementation.

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Web & Mobile Analytics Overhauls

Reassess and optimise tracking setups, implement advanced tracking features, and establish robust reporting structures.

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Conversion and Event Tracking

Understand user behaviour on digital platforms by tracking and analysing key actions or events.

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E-commerce Tracking Implementation

Setting up and configuring tracking systems within online stores to monitor user activities, purchases, and behaviour.

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Data Customization & Enhanced Tracking

Gain deeper knowledge and more actionable insights for better decision-making with Data Customization and Enhanced Tracking


This can lay as a foundation for a successful analytics experience. Discovering the anomalies in the marketing pattern of your business and similar loopholes needs to be evaluated. This can help in determining the area that requires focus

Setting a target enables the user in staying clear of the broader picture to achieve the long term goals while conquering the milestones on the go. Whether it's about driving conversions or engaging with your audience, it is imperative to Identify the set standards for your business along with the key performance indicators that your business focuses on.

Based on the platform of existence of your business, we have dedicated tools within our grasp to measure your campaign and website performance. Choosing the right analytics tools helps in setting our objectives straight and enables a hassle-free experience in identifying your KPIs.

It is important to integrate your analytics tool in the right manner to prevent missing conversions and lower traffic counts. This helps your business to keep a strong baseline of fault-free tracking systems within your website or mobile application.

Different tags need to be configured as per their purpose so that the right trigger goes off at its corresponding action on your website. Furthermore it is imperative to accurately connect your analytics tool to the advertising platforms. This helps in collecting accurate data with genuine insights on the performance that helps in reporting.

We conduct regular tests for clicks, traffic, conversions and other important KPIs to ensure the data is being fetched from your website or mobile application without interference from updates to the backend of the website.

WAC promises timely analysis of your KPIs and generates a report every month that gives a clear insight to your website performance and improvements over the past months supported by infographics for a better understanding. Reports are a token of transparency of the marketing efforts and builds a lasting relationship with our clients.

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Analytics provides deeply insightful data on the audience that has interacted with your website or mobile app via clicks, video viewing, likes, comments, lead form submissions, and more. Analytics help you discover the demographics and regions from which your business has received the most conversions or interactions. This gives your business a direction of movement.

Timely analysis and evaluation of the analytics tools are done to ensure that all the data gathered by these tools is genuine. We conduct occasional tests and check if the numbers match.

Definitely! Analytics forms a common platform to showcase your collective ROIs and conversions, along with several other KPIs.

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