BizTalk is an industry initiative headed by Microsoft to promote Extensible Markup Language (XML) as the common data exchange language for e-commerce and application integration on the Internet.

BizTalk says that the growth of e-commerce requires businesses using different computer technologies to have a means to share data. Accepting XML as a platform-neutral way to represent data transmitted between computers, the BizTalk group provides guidelines, referred to as the BizTalk Framework, for how to publish schema (standard data structures) in XML and how to use XML messages to integrate software programs.

In addition to Microsoft, other vendors such as SAP and Commerce One are supporting BizTalk. Microsoft offers BizTalk Server 2000, which can implement XML-based data integration. The server software includes tools to create and design XML definitions, map data from one definition to another, and manage process flow, document verification, and data exchange and processing.

BizTalk Server features as follows:

  • Administration
  • Document Tracking
  • Orchestration Design
  • Messaging
  • XML Tools
  • Deployment

Advantages of BizTalk Server are listed below:

  • It is basically an Integration server. It helps in Integrating Enterprise Applications at one common point.
  • Updates can be handled in an easy way and maintenance will be easy. BizTalk Server supports Versioning of Artifacts.
  • Biztalk is designed to operate in Multi Server Environment. We can run the application on various servers to manage load and Availability.
  • Solutions can be developed really fast with BizTalk Server. Effort spent will be less.
  • MessageBox DB designed for optimum performance.
  • It can be used to communicate with wide range of Legacy Applications. There is always a scope to develop custom Components.
  • BizTalk has a number of Tools like BRE, BAM, SSO which be effectively used.
  • Advantage for customers on cost saving in terms of development time.