Hadi Exchange: Exchanging Beyond Borders Built with Trust

Hadi Exchange, a leading money exchange firm in the UAE, stands for customer satisfaction by giving competitive rates and reliable service support. This signified the need for a persuasive website, and thus Webandcrafts curated technology, design, experience, and aesthetics for an inviting website that ensured a safe and smooth user experience. And the result was an experience of delightful business relationships for Hadi Exchange.

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    HTML / PHP / WordPress

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    12 Week

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Perfectly Echoing Hadi Express Exchange’s Legacy

Hadi Express Exchange, one of the UAE’s oldest currency exchange companies, was working with an old and outdated website. They approached Webandcrafts for a new, visually appealing website that was plugged into the advancements and reflected their esteemed legacy. Red and white have been the prominent colours used by the brand, and we maintained them to ensure continuity and familiarity. On top of that, we incorporated black to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Webandcrafts was able to create a new website that perfectly echoed Hadi’s prestige and commitment to excellence.



Enhancing User Experience for Business Success

Hadi Exchange was inept at offering live exchange rates on their website, which was a main demand from the users. Moreover, the existing website was not doing justice to the vast array of money exchange services being offered by Hadi, and this needed to be addressed. Besides, the new website needed to make it easy for users to locate their nearest branch. It also called for enabling users to provide feedback regarding the services offered at a branch, send queries, seek assistance, or register grievances if they faced an issue.



Meeting the Needs of Users and Businesses Alike

A clean and visually pleasing website that would clearly communicate all of Hadi Express Exchange’s features and services was the requirement. Webandcrafts puts more emphasis on Hadi’s specialities, such as data security, regulated and encrypted money transfers, high-speed transactions, and the availability of all services across its branches, besides its customer value propositions, promotions, and events. Hadi wanted to show live exchange rates to their users but lacked an API (Application Programming Interface) capable of doing so automatically. So we developed a system using which Hadi could manually update their exchange rates on a regular basis.



Ensuring Quality Throughout a Smooth Development Process

The website development process was methodical. We started by gathering requirements from the client to develop a wireframe. Once it was approved by the client, we moved on to the website design phase. Following this, we approached the client to receive feedback and suggestions. After carrying out the changes and completing the development process, we carried out an extensive quality analysis and testing process. This was to ensure quality, security, and compliance. Finally, the website was launched.

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Using the Right Technology to Stay Ahead of the Curve

The Webandcrafts team utilised HTML (HyperText Markup Language) for the website’s front-end design and WordPress for the back-end. This helped us create a clean and user-friendly website that is easily supported by most devices. The combination of HTML and WordPress enabled users to have a seamless online experience while transferring money.



Solidifying Commitment to Customer Delight

The new, user-friendly website made it possible for users to view live exchange rates, locate branches, and learn about services. The easy navigation system resulted in a sharp increase in user inquiries. It was a challenge for users to collect branch-specific information from the previous website. But the new website, and the new contact form in particular, made it easy for users to share any issues or concerns at a branch with higher-level officials. This was a valuable addition to Hadi’s already impressive customer feedback and assistance system, which was promptly offering solutions. The new website solidified Hadi Express Exchange’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Webandcrafts also made it easier for users to learn about offers, events, and promotions, which helped the brand maintain a competitive advantage.

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Hadi Express Exchange, a prominent industry leader in the UAE with nine branches, is committed to delivering unparalleled money exchange services. Their offerings include foreign currency exchange, money remittance, and payroll services, all tailored to prioritise quality and customer satisfaction. Through innovative practices, Hadi Express Exchange guarantees swift, secure, and dependable money exchange transactions.