Realising the Vision of Khuuba With the Finest Digital Nudge

Khuuba, the renowned destination for traditional Indian wedding dresses in Sydney, partnered with WAC to make special occasions digitally vibrant. The client wanted to extend the unique essence of their trendy collections with a strong brand identity, a versatile design and a compelling website that kept its digital presence authentic.

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Extending the Brand Charm to a Digital Plateau

The client strongly desired to make its initiatives visible online to grab more customers through digital platforms. Khuuba had a strong foundation of offline reputation, which was an opportunity for WAC to spread its credibility online. They wanted a creative yet meaningful logo, exclusive branding, digital marketing services and a polished, creamy, yet highly functional website. 



Clearing Factors That Hinder the Brand’s Identity

A well-laid design with a keen focus on the high-quality and highly defined images was a major requirement the client put forward. They sought creative designs and an appealing logo that elevated the brand’s identity. Coming up with a final logo design that resonated with the brand’s meaning and the vision of the client was a challenging yet exciting task to accomplish. Though this demanded more effort from our design experts, we were completely equipped to fulfil the client’s demands. 



Specialised Approach to Ensemble the Promise of Creativity

Our specialised team of designers, developers and digital marketing experts worked towards fulfilling the digital establishment of Khuuba, the Australian brand carrying the elegance of South Indian sarees and antique jewellery. By emphasising the two similar letters in the brand name ‘Khuuba’, we merged the two U’s, followed by a crown symbol, to form the logo. Through our efforts to align the logo design with the client’s expectations, we made tweaks to the final design output to finally land on a design: two U’s interlocked and a crown on top of these intertwined letters. In addition to the logo design, we also focused on developing a highly functional website to make the e-commerce storefront a reality. Through intensive marketing endeavours, making sure the SEO efforts are on track, and a comprehensive strategy to improve the brand identity, we infused the power of a creative approach towards building an appreciable brand presence. 

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Letter u


Exploring the Ethnic Charm With a Digital Spell

Based on the expectations of the client towards developing a visually appealing website while also being able to display the products across an ecommerce platform with a high-end user experience, we decided on the technology stack. A fresh digital start was introduced to the brand’s new website with eCommerce web development using Shopify. As an ideal tool to make the online storefronts polished and salesy, Shopify has been a promising platform for the website. 

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Unfolding the Tradition and Elegance With Perfection of Technology

The client envisioned a combination of a classy yet modern outlook for the logo.  Our team made continuous efforts to bring this vision to life and modified it further to reach the end result. The final logo design made its way to the client’s good-to-go list, and it was incorporated into the brand collateral. In addition to the successful inclusion of branding elements, the website's minimalistic design, while infusing creative and design aspects, made it look awe-inspiring. Our digital marketing and social media marketing experts have given life to the brand’s products with a unique way of presenting them to the target audience. Nevertheless, the Shopify website paved the way for the right display of products, showcasing them to the public to evoke mindful purchases and elevate the overall shopping experience.

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Weaving the Digital Threads of Exquisite Charm

In contrast to other projects, we paid more attention to detail for the design and its development as per the client’s requirements. The client wanted to make the brand renowned for their exclusive designs and sought to take the complete detailing of their products to the eyes and hearts of their customers. Aligning these expectations into our colour palette was a real adventure; however, our specialists developed, designed and redesigned the colours of their dreams in the most appealing way.

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Khuuba is a Sydney-based, well-known provider of Indian wedding sarees, dresses, antique jewellery and high-quality silk sarees. With premium clothing and accessories, they boast of offering a stunning collection of products that carry the rich cultural heritage of India. Carefully curated and extensively designed, they collaborate with numerous suppliers and brands to give customers an unparalleled shopping experience through genuine products.

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