Top 22 Free SEO Tools to help you improve your workflow (Experimented and Verified)

Top 22 Free SEO Tools to help you improve your workflow (Experimented and Verified)

  • Published in Blog on September 03, 2019
  • Last Updated on January 04, 2024
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22 free SEO Tools

    The number of websites seems to be endless nowadays, and it is somewhat impossible to gain good traffic for your website unless you are using relevant SEO tools. From premium to free versions, you can find a huge number of SEO tools in the market.

     You may find it difficult to choose the appropriate free SEO tools. In order to ease your decision fatigue, we created this blog, where you can find some awesome free SEO tools and the best practices to extract its unique features.  Each tool is personally experimented and verified.

    For your convenience, we divided the tools according to the SEO workflow, and each one is listed under the respective category.

    Shown below is the table of contents with different types of free SEO tools.

    1. SEO Free Site Check-Up Tools

    2. Free Website Set-Up Tools

    3. Free Keyword Research Tools

    4. Free Competitor Analysis and Backlink Checker

    5. Free Rank Tracking Tools

    6. Free Content Research Tool

    7. Free Broken Link Checker

    8. Free Spam Score Checker

    9. Free Mail Prospecting Tools

    Site Check-Up Tools

    1. SEO Site Check-Up

    The initial stage of an SEO project starts with the website analysis. A thorough and detailed site report in terms of technical, marketing and user-perspective is a must-to-do activity to achieve a long term goal. Number of  site examination free SEO tools are available, but we would prefer SEO Site Check-Up tool as the most convenient one. 


    free seo tools

    Incase of SEO Site Check-Up tool, the only thing you need to do is ,Just submit the domain name that you want to check and they will give you a detailed report by performing several tests. In case if your site fails in any of the criteria, you need not worry, you will get the assistance to solve those issues with some simple steps. Here is the list of criteria which are analysed.

    free seo tools

    All the major technical issues are covered in these guidelines. Make a detailed study on the report and make the necessary changes at the earliest to make an easier SEO workflow.


    2. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

    From the above-mentioned free SEO tool, we will be able to understand whether the website is using the responsive design functionalities to make it mobile-friendly, on the other hand this Google tool is exclusively meant to check the site responsiveness. So, if you are only bothered about the responsive factor, then this tool will be a perfect choice. 

    All you need to do is to submit the domain that you want to check. The tool will provide you with the result within a few seconds.


    free seo tools



    3. Google Pagespeed Insights

    In the first tool that we discussed, we will get the site loading speed metrics. But by using this google tool, you will get the speed insights of every single page. When you provide a URL to PSI, it will look it up in the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) dataset. It also reports the First Contentful Paint (FCP) and the First Input Delay (FID) metric data for the specific page URL. 

    The below-listed Lab data will be available for you, and at the same time, you will also get the guidance to improve your page load speed.

    Following will be the Lab Data from Google Pagespeed Insights,

    • First Contentful Paint
    • Speed Index
    • Time to Interactive
    • First Meaningful Paint
    • First CPU Idle
    • Max Potential First Input Delay

    Following will be the Suggestions from Google Pagespeed Insights,

    • Estimated Savings
    • Serve images in next-gen formats
    • Efficiently encode images
    • Reduce server response times (TTFB)
    • Defer offscreen images
    • Remove unused CSS
    • Eliminate render-blocking resources
    • Minify JavaScript


    free seo tools



    4. Gtmetrix

    It is another page performance calculator that provides you with more profound review scores. The report includes:

    • PageSpeed Score
    • YSlow Score
    • Page Details
    • Fully Loaded Time
    • Total Page Size
    • Requests  

    free seo tools

    Also, you will get the suggestion list to improve your website performance along with the ways to achieve it at the earliest.


    Suggestions will be as follows,

    free seo tools


    Website Set-Up Free SEO Tools

    1. Google Search Console

    This free SEO tool is a complete package offered by Google. All you need to do is, add your site to the search console by following the methods suggested. All the details regarding your site will be available, which may include indexed pages, security issues, backlink profiles, organic traffic, performance, bounce rate, indexed keywords and many more. An expert SEO Analyst should be thorough with this home tool since it is required in every stage of website optimization.  


    2. Google Analytics

    This is another Google tool that you should be an expert with, as an SEO analyst. Just like search console, follow the proposed methods to add your site to the analytics. Everything that you need to know about your website in terms of performance, traffic, etc are available on it. 


    3. XML Sitemap Generator

    A site map is a list of pages of a web site. It shows the website hierarchy to the search engine. Every site needs this, and if your site is missing one, you can easily create it using this free SEO tool.


    free seo tools

    4. Robot txt Generator

    Robots.txt is a text file that is created to instruct web robots (search engine robots) how to crawl pages on the website. If you want to crawl your pages, then put it in the do-follow category, and the pages that you don’t want to get crawl should be placed under the no-follow category. This robot txt generator will help you to create the list in a very little time. 


    Keyword Research Free SEO Tools

    1. Google Keyword Planner

    Keyword research lies as a strong foundation to build a powerful SEO strategy. If you fail to find relevant high volume keywords for your website in the initial stage, all your principles and policies to achieve better performance will be in vain. Google Keyword Planner is an amazing free SEO tool to find the appropriate keywords. It provides you with the search volume of each region. Also, a list of related keywords will be shown to you.



    free seo tools

    2. Google Trends

    This free SEO tool will help you to know what people are searching at the present days. The phrases and how they are searching are also shown in detail so that you can understand the flow and mindset of the audience. While writing the blogs or other SEO works, refer the Google trends without fail. It will make your work up to date and will help you to receive more traffic. 



    free seo tools

    3. Answer the Public

    If you want to know what your audience is asking the search engine regarding any topic, try this free SEO tool. Just insert your keyword into the site, and you will get plenty of phrases and questions regarding the same.



    free seo tools

    4. LSI Graph

    LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are related keywords that show more in-depth knowledge about the topic(main keyword). Search engine always loves the LSI keywords, that get sprinkled inside the content. It helps the search engine crawler to understand everything in detail. 

    For a successful SEO campaign, you should consider these keywords. LSI Graph will help you to create a detailed list of these keywords. 



    free seo tools

    Competitor Analysis and Backlink Checker

    1. Neil Patel’s UberSuggest

    The competitor analysis is critical in SEO. It will help you to make a path with well-defined parameters. Neil Patel’s UberSuggest is one such useful free SEO tool. You can make a deep study on the competitors backlinks by using this tool and can take further steps to attain the same to your websites. Also, for the skyscraper outreach techniques, you can make the prospects easily. 

    This free SEO tool is the best way to examine competitors. All you need to do  is, submit the domain that you want to check. You will get the complete details of the site that includes organic traffic, keywords and position, backlinks etc.


    free seo tools

    Rank Tracking Free SEO Tools


    It seems to be a tedious task if you go with the organic ways to check your keywords. Several free and paid rank tracking tools are available, and some of the reliable free SEO tools are shown below.

    1. Rank Tracker Application

    You only need to download this application to your system and submit all your keywords along with your domain. It will show your keyword position, and you can easily compare it with your previous status too.


    free seo tools

    2. Bright Local Search

    It is a more precise keyword tracking tool. You can specify a particular region of the country that you are targeting.

    Submit your keyword to the below-listed form and fill the other fields to get the exact result.

    free seo tools

    Content Research Tool

    1. Buzzsumo

    If you are in search of a powerful content digging tool, then you are on the right platform. You only need to submit your topic to the tool. Buzzsumo will show every deeper insight into the topic that you want. 

    For every topic, this tool will provide you with the top links and contents, along with its social media engagements, organic traffic, performance etc. You can choose the most suitable one by considering these factors.

    Different filters are available, and you should make a thorough check to understand everything.


    free seo tools

    Broken Link Checker

    1. Check my links

    If you want to understand the broken link profiles of your websites, we have the free chrome extension, ‘Check My Links’ to perform this task.

    You need to make a single click on this extension; it will show you the broken links in a very little time. You only need to append that extension to your browser.


    Spam Score Checker

    1. Moz

    While performing the SEO activities, it is very important to check the spam score of the sites that you are going to engage with. Moz is a reliable free SEO tool to find the spam score of any websites. You only need to create an account and get the Chrome extension. 

    Whenever you visit a site, this Moz tool will run in the background to show the essential details, including the spam score. 


    Mail Prospecting Tools

    For the outreach campaigns, you need to get the email-ids of dignitaries of desired websites. It seems to be a hectic task when we spell it, but with these free SEO tools, mail prospecting becomes more simple. Here are several tools that you need to keep in your account to make an effective campaign.

    1. Hunter

    It is a simple tool where you need to submit only the domain of your desired company. All the mail-ids available in their dataset regarding that domain will be showcased to you. Chrome extension of this tool is also available. 


    free seo tools


    2. Norbert

    In this tool, you can be more specific about your requirement. Along with the domain(company name), you can add the name of the dignitary, whose mail id you want. The picture below shows the way how they are dealing with the mail ids.


    free seo tools

    3. Neverbounce

    As the name indicates, this tool helps you to validate the mail ids that you got from other free SEO tools. It reduces the bounce rate of your cold emails. 


    4. ContactOut 

    This tool is linked with LinkedIn profiles. If you want to get the official and personal mail id of anyone, you need to create an account in ContactOut, and you will get the chrome extension through which you can easily find the mail-id.


    free seo tools

    Hope that you found (or re-found) some excellent free SEO tools to soothe your SEO strategies and activities. These free tools allow you to examine your data, and help you to analyze your performance to assist your digital marketing strategies. If you are interested in achieving your digital marketing goals through Systematic SEO Services, feel free to contact us.

    If there are any free SEO tools that we missed, please let us know in the comments, and we will try to add them to the post at the earliest!