Social Media Management

Social Media has entirely transformed the approach people had towards products and services on the web. At present, it not only influences search engines but your brand’s prestige as well. This is where our company comes into play - we assist you by creating enough information that is appealing for the viewers so as to read and inspire them to share it in their social circle.

Through social media analysis and competition study, we take advantage of the social media for raising your business revenue to new levels. Social media offers cost effective techniques to uphold your business. Moreover, it is the powerful medium to receive feedback from your clients


Vinverth, a multi-brand company which has emerged as one of the most reputed brands has touched new levels of business reach with the commencement of Social Media Marketing. The company continues to invest more in social media and earns even more in the form of returns.

Services Provided
  • Strategy &
  • Creative
  • Online

Social Media Process

Our social media process is focussed on creating immense impact for our client’s brand and their business. The unique strategy that we engage has already proved worthwhile for businesses across the globe.


Our team spends quality time on analyzing the client’s business areas, social media presence along with that of its competitors. This forms the base for finalizing the strategy.

1. Project Outline

Identify client’s needs and business objectives so as to prepare the overall plan and strategy of implementation.

2. Research

Thorough research is undertaken to identify the target audience, their likes, interests and factors influencing them.

3. Audit

Understanding the perception patterns based on data analytics is the next step towards framing an effective social media solution.

4. Competitor Analysis

We pay attention to the competitors and the platforms they are active on. Knowing the competition is crucial to understand our possibilities in the sector.


Different strategies towards achieving the business goals are discussed and the best one is finalized with the approval from client. Project plan is prepared and expected results are quantified.

1. Project Strategy

Plan of execution and business goals are documented in terms of action items. This serves as the general framework for the project lifecycle.

2. Budget Strategy

Budget outlay along with expected output is defined for the campaigns run on each of the platforms.

3. Content Development

Platform specific content and posts are developed from time to time to be published at appropriate intervals.

4. Evaluation Plan

An evaluation plan is prepared at the onset of the project so as to ensure periodic review and assessment of the campaign.


Execution of plans identified during the Assessment and Approach phases. The actual campaign goes live during this phase.

1. Execution

Our social media professionals launch the campaign on identified platforms so as to bring about a better impact on the targeted audience.

2. Review and Feedback

It is crucial to receive perceptions and popular feedback on how effective your social media campaign is.

3. Fine Tuning

Recalibration of the strategy and timely rectification is carried out so that every dollar spent gives its own share of returns.


Analysis and Reporting helps in the evaluation of campaign performance and achievement levels of the identified business goals.

1. Performance Reports

Regular reporting of short term and long term goals and monthly metrics aid in understanding the effectiveness of the campaign and making course corrections if need be.

2. Continual Improvement

Social media is not an end in itself. It is only a means towards achieving your larger business goals. Being prompt and making continuous improvement is what helps you stay relevant in social media.

Social Media Integration

We effectively boost your brand everywhere in the social media platforms and frequently offer results over our custom analytics and reports.

Publish your contents widely through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook
Utilize the capabilities of social media by integrating them into your websites
Create bookmarks to your website through social media tools which are easily available
Reach your desired audience effortlessly by leveraging the capabilities of social media

Our Social Media Campaign Services

  • Committed Account Manager
  • Methodological Outlining
  • Setup and Management of social networks for utmost success
  • Efficient integration of these social networks with your website
  • Campaign escalation for highest brand management and better sales
  • Frequent Customer reporting and Professional Analysis

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