Joomla is an outstanding content management system (CMS), which allows you to develop websites and effective online applications. Its features like ease-of-use and flexibility have made Joomla one of the world's most accepted CMS platforms. Joomla is available to everyone since it is an open source solution. It became prominent because of various reasons. From a developer’s aspect, it's simple to work with, even for people who do not have much technical knowledge and being open source, it’s freely available to anybody. This helps you to avoid costly development of your website.

Since it is easy to use, it need only a little training to get the most out of it, it is also well extensible. So, Joomla makes it easy to develop and update a website. We can make use of wide array of plugins and extensions if we want to build additional features in our website.

Benefits of using Joomla are:

Ease of Use

Joomla is highly user friendly and simple for users at all levels.


Joomla possesses lot of functionality features that makes it unique.

Open Source

Since it is an open source, it can be accessed without the constraints of license fees.


The wide array of third party extensions available in Joomla helps us to convert websites into a feature- rich business tool.

Huge Community

It is backed by a large community of business and individuals and is constantly being improved to bring the most recent tools and features to the platform.

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