Enabling Dew Diamonds To Radiate The Shine Of Digital Evolution

Buying jewellery is an act of commitment or the beginning of something new in life. Dew Diamonds sought the help of WAC to transform their brand with in-store intimacy across the digital world. We extended support to the client in branding, logo design, website redesign, social media, and digital marketing to bestow novel experiences on the customers. 

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Joining Hands with Dew Diamonds to Create a Brand New Face

Dew Diamonds wanted to establish a solid online presence. They wanted to showcase their latest collections on the website, design a captivating brand logo, give the website a new face, and appear in the top results through intense marketing campaigns. 



Journey Towards Establishing a Robust Brand Identity

The brand wanted to oust the competition and reach an appreciable online presence. The existing website was a visual dumping ground, which didn’t do any justice to the brand and its identity. Dew Diamonds focused on the increase in their online brand outreach while also envisioning a brand new logo. Identifying a unique brand web design while also considering the need for expanding brand recognition was an interesting challenge.



Dazzling Experiences With Digital Capabilities To Evoke ‘Wow’ Factor

Understanding the brand's essence and the audience helped us come up with a strategy to align client expectations with the needs of the target customers. We completed a clear competitive analysis to examine how the brand can use best practises in defining its identity. Based on the analysis, we made recommendations on logo design and revamped the website for the business. WAC was well aware that without a marketing strategy in place, the brand journey would be foggy. We formulated a branding and marketing strategy that spoke to the brand’s bright side, which cements the in-store intimacy of the customer for great experiences. Our team developed a unique stand-out brand logo that represents the flutter of a butterfly, resonating the brand name abbreviation, ‘DD’. With a suite of technology and digital resources, we gave an exceptional spark to the website while also making it responsive. We successfully addressed the emotional desires of customers through a UX audit to enhance usability.



Assuring The Brand With Flawless Functionality & Experience

A modern and appealing visual theme amplified the brand's identity. Dew Diamonds got a fresh face with the newly developed website, which clearly represented the value of the services they offer. Also, the new logo design changed the entire face of the brand since it gave a timeless outlook to the audience. The client opted for a minimalistic revamp, which our team implemented effectively. With the adoption of digital marketing strategies and social media campaigns, the brand gained more popularity among the target audience. Working on a user-centered and responsive design has helped the business reach mobile device users and give them an unparalleled experience. The new website stood out with a simple layout and offered an exceptional visual outlook that strengthened the digital presence of the brand.

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Infusing the Brand With the Power of Significant Technology

We incorporated technologies like WordPress and HTML to give the website revamp a satisfying feel and experience. With the use of advanced technologies, we also took the client’s requirement of a minimal design into consideration and made the site look professional and aligned with the budget. We were able to make the website highly user-friendly and easy to manage. The intuitive interface of the website deserves recognition as it helps represent the quality of products sold, which thereby exposes the brand value to the market.


Precision in Building a Remarkable Web Design

Dew Diamonds achieved success in branding efforts by helping the brand incorporate the logo into brand collateral such as paper bags, tags, jewellery boxes, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. Nevertheless, from a dated, slow and non-responsive website, we transformed the new website into a fast, highly usable, and mobile-friendly design. Through the finalisation of a specific variation on the existing website and making the logo aligned to the brand’s vision, we used UI/UX elements that influenced the complete visual design as the client envisioned. 

Dew Diamonds, incorporated in 2010, is a high-end exquisite diamond manufacturer in Kerala, with a key focus on manufacturing diamond studded gold jewellery. Owned and operated by Mr. Paul Thachil and Mr. Dany John, the firm works on developing versatile jewellery designs to brighten special moments with a unique identity.

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