MongoDB, a NoSQL database introduced as a fast and scalable alternative for traditional relational database enabled organizations to become extremely efficient in harnessing the true power of organized data. Revolutionize the way you built your application using mongoDB‘s agile technology. Build and enrich new applications integrating as much as functionality as possible or optimize the performance of your existing applications with improved user experience and reduced costs.

With a team of well seasoned experts having vast subject matter expertise in mongoDB, we are delivering the best possible outcome for our clients. Our experience and expertise in Open Source, PHP and MongoDB ensure high levels of viability in our solutions.

Our customers are the best proof of our expertise. Discover some instances of service to back our claim of delivering future proof outcomes constantly and consistently.

Implemented in iclassroom, a virtual classroom where students can learn their subjects interactively. Since each subject will be having different kinds of information mongoDB came handy to manage huge amount of unstructured data without compromising the performance.

Development of ischooledx, a cross platform application to manage the activities of school like parent teacher interactions, daily class reports and knowledge sharing. With MongoDB we handle thousands of workloads and scaling huge amount of data becomes hassle free.