Umbraco is an Open-Source Content Management System for Windows server. It is built on .NET and it provides the facility to use its integrated .Net controls such as user controls and custom controls. Total control over the design & content of a website can be achieved using Umbraco. Whether it is a small sized or medium sized organization, Umbraco is the ideal option for a fully featured CMS website at lower budget and smaller user base.

Features of Umbraco

  • Simple user interface
  • Broad documentation resources
  • Extended training resources
  • Large number of add-ons and plug-ins
  • Version control
  • MS Word can be connected to make editing easy
  • Front-end editing
  • Easy user management

Webandcrafts's Umbraco CMS Development

  • CMS development
  • Performance analysis and Web statistics
  • WCF development
  • Portability from other CMS to Umbraco CMS
  • SQL development
  • Work on Umbraco Xsl and Umbraco Razor based macros

Why Webandcrafts?

The team at Webandcrafts is well versed in Umbraco website development and has created a significant number of websites with best customization and great search facility. Umbraco’s enhanced functionality and free to use feature make it a sought after CMS among our clients. We prefer Umbraco due to its simplicity in converting designs to templates and overall ‘common sense’ approach.