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In this dynamic modern world, no one can imagine a business without proper high-end mobile solutions. With massive knowledge and expertise gained through years of experience, our Mobile Application development team is always ready to take a step beyond your expectations. Webandcrafts, the best mobile app development company in India is well equipped with the most advanced tools & technologies and pool of talents to meet individual business needs while ensuring exceptional user experience. We have an expert team of mobile app developers who create stunning mobile app designs. Our service expertise will cover all major Smartphone platforms including iOS, Android, and HTML5 app development.

Mobile Application Development in India

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  • Quality oriented work force
  • In depth knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies
  • On- demand capacity to meet tight deadlines
  • Timely delivery and cost effective service
  • Customer centric procedures
Mobile Development Service Features
Mobile Development Service Features
Mobile Development Service Features
Mobile Development Service Features

Services we offer

  • iOS Development

    iOS Development

  • Android Development

    Android Development

  • HTML5 Application Development

    HTML5 Application Development

iOS Development

At Webandcrafts, we strive for perfection in every app we build. Our iOS consultant team has clear cut knowledge of the development environment and related technologies. They work closely with our designers and connect with the clients to create pixel-perfect, visually striking products.

iOS Development in India

Why iOS?

iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, continually redefining the basic thought of what people can do with a mobile device.

We can help you with

  • Smart design for easy navigation
  • Compatibility with all other smart phone browsers
  • Better and enriching user experience
  • Technology blended with simplicity

Android Development

It is the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing in a pace which can't be defeated by anything else in the current scenario. Every day more and more users power up their android devices and keep searching for Apps, games and other related materials. We are equipped to handle the challenging Android application development requests conforming to the specification of the clients.

Why Android?

It can give you a world class platform for creating apps and games and also an open marketplace for distributing them instantly.

  • In-depth personalization option
  • Large installed base
  • Extensive browsing share option
  • Offline media integration
Android Development in India

We can help you with

  • Mobile Application Development Preference

  • Mobile Application Development Preference

  • Mobile Application Development Preference

Developing the application that best fits the customer’s need is what really matters. Hence, we are open for any choice that the customer makes, be it native, web-based or cross-platform apps.

  • Native Apps

    Native Apps

    Build the application in its native code to run on a specific device and operating system. Take full advantage of the built-in features of a mobile platform by easily integrating them to your mobile application.

  • Web-based Apps

    Web-based Apps

    Make the web application accessible from any of the modern day browsers. This can ensure that it captures the maximum target audience. This is the best mode for handling applications with minimal functionalities.

  • Cross-Platform Apps

    Cross-Platform Apps

    Build the application once using a cross-platform framework and run it on multiple mobile platforms (after fine-tuning for each platform). It’s also downloaded from an app store and stays on the device.

Recent Mobile App Developments

Clients from across the world have kept our Mobile App development team really busy. Being one of the best mobile app development companies in India we have developed a variety of apps in-house with outstanding features and these apps have been widely appreciated by different sections of users. The mobile apps we have developed stand as testimony to our capabilities in this domain.

Recent Work
Recent Work
Recent Work

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Tired of being associated with unprofessional and inexperienced companies? Well then, you have good reason to be here. As a prominent mobile app development company in India, we provide competitive services to reputed businesses across the globe. We have left our signature on the web with the excellence that we deliver. Our passion towards technology helps us in transforming innovative ideas into assets that add value to the customers. Check out what we offer and be convinced why we should be working together.